Valorant Episode 4 Act 3: Night Market weapon skins price guide

The Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is live (Image via Riot Games)
The Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is live (Image via Riot Games)

The Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is finally available in Valorant’s in-game store. Riot Games released the latest edition today.

The developer has developed new weapon skins for every new Act of Valorant. Players can purchase these items using Valorant Points (VPs), the in-game currency. To get VPs, they need to spend real-life money. Various bundles provide bonus VPs when a bigger bundle is purchased.

When the Night Market is available in Valorant, users get to choose between six randomized weapon skins provided at a discount, and they can elect to buy any or all of them until the event ends. The bundle is exclusive to every individual, and the weapon skins are provided randomly, so there’s a lot of luck involved if gamers want any particular skin they are hoping to buy.

The skins that appear during the Night Market event can be from any previous Acts. For obvious reasons, those released in the current Act and its preceding one will not be available in the Night Market.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market ends on May 31

Monetizing skins is one of the primary sources of revenue for F2P games and is the primary source of revenue generation for Riot. Bringing in an event like the Night Market incentivizes users to buy skins, generates a lot of revenue for the developers, and helps them build a better game in return.


The Night Market event allows gamers to buy weapons and melee skins at a discounted price, although luck is involved, as they may or may not get the items they wished for in the six skin bundle.

The Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market will remain open for the rest of the month and expire on May 31. Until then, players will have the opportunity to buy all of these discounted skins in exchange for VPs.

Skin bundles are categorized into five different tiers based on their price tags, which depend on the complexity of the graphics, design, animations, and other additional qualities they offer. The tiers of the weapon skins are as follows:

  • Select Edition: 875 VP
  • Deluxe Edition: 1275 VP
  • Premium Edition: 1775 VP
  • Ultra Edition: 2475 VP
  • Exclusive Edition: Varies from 2175 VP to 2675 VP

Ultra and Exclusive tier skin bundles won’t be featured in the Night Market. Users will get a discount on the price of the skins during the event. However, all the skins and their discounted prices are exclusive to every individual and are provided randomly.


The Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market starts today and will continue till May 31, so fans should act quickly to get rewards of their choice.

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