Valorant Night Market: All eligible skin collections to look out for in Episode 4 Act 3

All skin collections eligible to appear in Episode 4 Act 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
All skin collections eligible to appear in Episode 4 Act 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant enthusiasts worldwide are prepared for the Night Market to commence after Riot Games officially confirms its arrival. Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is scheduled to begin on May 18 and continue until May 31.

The Night Market is perhaps one of the most anticipated events in Valorant. Since the game arrived in 2020, Riot Games has released numerous in-game cosmetics for their playerbase, the most popular ones being weapon skins.

During this periodic event, all Valorant players will see a set of 6 random weapon skin offers to appear in the dedicated Night Market section in-game. Over 13 days, players can purchase up to 6 different weapon skins at randomly discounted rates from the Night Market.

Valorant Night Market skin collection list for Episode 4 Act 3

The upcoming iteration of the Night Market will follow the same format as the previous one. However, with Riot Games releasing a new skin collection every two weeks, the skin pool for the event has increased.

The Night Market only features skins from a selected set of skin tiers, with certain other restrictions. Weapon skins from the current or previous Act of Valorant will not make it to the upcoming Night Market.

Skins from Exclusive or Ultra Edition skin tiers will also be excluded from the listings players receive for their Night Market.


Eligible skin collections

As of Episode 4 Act 3, 40 unique skin collections are eligible to appear in this Act's edition of the Night Market. This includes eight skin collections from the Select Edition tier, 12 from Deluxe Edition, and 20 from Premium Edition.

Weapon collections that can feature in the upcoming Night Market are as follows:

Select Edition

  • Convex
  • Galleria
  • Infantry
  • Luxe
  • Prism II
  • Rush
  • Sensation
  • Smite

Deluxe Edition

  • Aristocrat
  • Avalanche
  • Horizon
  • Minima
  • Nunca Olvidados
  • Prism
  • Sakura
  • Silvanus
  • Snowfall
  • Tigris
  • Wasteland
  • Winterwunderland

Premium Edition

  • Celestial
  • Ego
  • Forsaken
  • Gravitational Uranium Neroblaster
  • Ion
  • Magepunk
  • Nebula
  • Oni
  • Origin
  • Prime
  • Prime//2.0
  • Radiant Crisis 001
  • Reaver, Recon
  • Sovereign
  • Spline
  • Tethered Realms
  • Undercity
  • VALORANT Go! Vol. 1
  • VALORANT Go! Vol. 2

As of Episode 4 Act 1, Riot Games introduced several changes to the Night Market to improve the user experience. Currently, players will receive at least 2 Premium Edition skins in their Night Market listings, with a maximum of 2 skins from the same collection.

However, if these conditions result in players receiving less than six offers, they will receive six random offers from what's available.


The cost of skin collections is based on the skin tiers they are categorized under. Since only Select, Deluxe, and Premium Edition skins are available from the Night Market, their costs before the discounts are as such:

  • Select Edition - 875 VP (Melee: 1775 VP)
  • Deluxe Edition - 1275 VP (Melee: 2550 VP)
  • Premium Edition - 1775 VP (Melee: 3550 VP)

New additions to the Night Market


To maintain the exclusivity of skins in Valorant, newly released weapon skins are unavailable to the playerbase through the Night Market. As a result, skins from Acts 1 and 2 of Episode 4 will not feature in the upcoming Night Market.

However, a few recent releases will be making their first appearance at the event, allowing players to purchase them at a significantly lower cost. These are the weapon collections that were released during Episode 3 Act 3, namely:

  • Undercity collection
  • Tigris collection

Joining these collections in the next Act's Night Market are Gaia's Vengeance, Team Ace, Endeavor, and Doodle Buds skin collections, all of which can be availed by players at discounted rates.

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