Valorant Episode 4 Yoru rework: All changes heading to the Duelist in patch 4.03

Valorant revealed upcoming Yoru rework details (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant revealed upcoming Yoru rework details (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has finally revealed the first glimpse of the long-waited Yoru reworks with some critical changes to the Japanese Agent.

Previously developers have promised to shower some love towards him as the duelist had one of the lowest pick rates in the game. Many players demanded a complete rework, and Riot is finally set to bring the changes in the upcoming patch 4.03 of the game.

Developers have already revealed the changes to the Japanese Agent in the latest State of Agent today. The new update will affect his Dimensional Drift (X) and Fakeout (C) utilities, making it more influential than it ever was.

Yoru's Fakeout ability is now a full-body clone with explosion flash from the Valorant patch 4.03:

After receiving several requests from players, developers have finally showered their love towards Yoru by giving him some essential buffs. In the latest State of Agent, developers have entirely described the details of the upcoming rework.

His Fakeout ability has received a significant buff in the process. The shrouded footsteps that he used to confuse opponents will be more confusing as players will see a full-body clone of the Japanese Agent. Moreover, when his opponents kill him, they will be flashed instantly. His teammates will tell if he is a clone, while the enemies will not.

Not only that, developers have made some significant changes to his Ultimate ability, i.e., Dimensional Drift (X) as well. Here is the list of changes that will be affected by the upcoming update:

  • The Agent will no longer be revealed to enemies.
  • Players will be able to cast all utility while ulted.
  • Nearsight is removed, while enemies can hear footsteps.

Players have been waiting for this rework for a long time. The Agent used to be ignored entirely in both ranked and competitive for its difficulties. After these changes, it will be interesting to see how players utilize the duelist and teams develop new strategies with Yoru in their Agent composition.

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