Valorant Episode 5: Top 3 Duelists to try out on Pearl

Pearl will soon go live in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pearl will soon go live in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pearl is the newest map that is scheduled to go live in Valorant. Although the map goes live in a few days, fans have already started looking for different strategies to try out.

Pearl is a map that is set in Omega Earth, the mirror image of the Alpha Earth. This map is set in Portugal, in a city that is completely underwater. The city is protected by a huge dome, preventing the seas from sinking this place completely.

This map is aesthetically very pleasing, and is probably the only map that has dark yet vibrant overtones. Interestingly enough, since the city is submerged, light doesn't penetrate the waters down to the map too much, making the environment darker than the other maps. Artificial lights keep glowing all around the map, making Pearl in Valorant the only map to feature what can be dubbed the night mode.

The success of this map could potentially pave the way for other maps to have a darker or night setting. But for now, it will be interesting to see how players adapt to this map and work their way through it. With that said, here is a list of duelists that players can choose to try out on Pearl in Valorant.

Note: The agents mentioned below are in no order of ranking whatsoever.

Top 3 duelists to try out in Valorant


As seen in the description by Riot Games, duelists in Valorant are "self sufficient fraggers" that can enter into sites and get kills on their own. Not all duelists perform well on every map. Some work better on small and tight maps while others work well on maps that have a lot of space for players to move around.

Since Pearl is a map that has many tight and technical corners, here is a quick guide to the top 3 duelists that players can try out on the map in Valorant.

#1 Phoenix

Phoenix is an underrated agent in the game. In fact, not many people like this agent because he feels squishy at times. Phoenix's skill set can take some time to get used to. That said, there is a chance that this Valorant agent could be really deadly on Pearl.

To begin with, Phoenix comes with the ability to use two flashes. Flashing can prove to be an important ability while clearing corners. That said, Pearl will probably have very tight corners, so an agent that can use flashes can prove to be very vital on this map.


When it comes to his other abilities, Phoenix can raise a wall of fire. For a map that is as technical as Pearl, a wall of fire can often be the decisive factor between winning and losing a match. Now, Phoenix's wall of fire can damage anyone passing through it. It also blocks the vision for anyone standing on either side of the wall. Using this ability can either force enemies to rotate to other sites, or risk dying by pushing through this wall of fire.

Finally, coming to Phoenix's ultimate ability, he can trigger it at one point on the map and then go explore the map until the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out or he is killed, Phoenix returns to where he activated his ult. This is crucial because it allows him to gather intel while giving him a chance at staying alive despite being killed.


#2 Reyna

Reyna is probably one of the deadliest agents in Valorant. If used properly, Reyna can singlehandedly clear out a good number of enemies without batting an eye. Reyna's skills and abilities make her a perfect duelist, and she's probably the only one that can act without the support of any other agent on the roster.

Her abilities include blinding enemies and then using their souls to heal herself. This makes Reyna one of the few agents in Valorant who can actually heal themselves. Now, what makes her such a deadly duelist is the fact that she can also cast an orb at corners that can nearsight any enemy within a certain radius.

When nearsighted, enemies really have reduced vision, leaving them open to fire. This orb, however, can be destroyed.


That said, the ability to nearsight and then heal herself makes her a very deadly agent. Her ultimate ability grants her quick reload speeds and increased firing speeds, making her dangerous.

#3 Neon


In a map that is as technical as Pearl, the ability to flash is important. But the ability to rush into corners and concuss enemies is equally important as well. Neon is Valorant's resident speedster. This Filipino agent can rush into corners and take down enemies with the element of surprise.

Neon has the ability to shoot concussion bolts. These bolts can bounce off surfaces, concussing two specific areas, one at the site of impact and the other where the concussion bolt hits after bouncing off.

While taking corners, players can use these bolts to their advantage, concussing two close areas by bouncing these bolts at an appropriate angle.


When concussed, enemies cannot hear footsteps and are dazed. Neon can then easily head into the corners and eliminate any concussed enemy with ease. If this is paired up with her signature ability, Neon can run and slide into any corner, using the element of surprise to pick off any enemies trying to push through the corners.

Neon can slide while using her signature ability as mentioned before, but she can only use this slide twice. The ability to slide is replenished every time Neon bags two kills.

While Phoenix and Reyna rely upon the ability to blind enemies, Neon can use the element of surprise to get a jump on enemies. For now, these three agents look like the best duelists that can really excel on Pearl.


Valorant's remaining duelists, namely Jett, Raze and Yoru, can also be effective on this map, but their abilities require having a good knowledge of the map. That said, Pearl has not gone live in Valorant just yet. So players will have to wait till the map releases before seeing which agent performs well.

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