Valorant Episode 5 Dimension's cinematic poster possibly hints at new enforcer Agent, along with a group of mecha soldiers

Does the new poster hint at the next Agent? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Does the new poster hint at the next Agent? (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Riot earlier announced that they will be releasing a cinematic trailer for the new Valorant Episode. Each of these in the game has been accompanied by a cinematic clip showcasing the Agents and adding to the narrative and lore of the game.

The publisher also revealed a cinematic poster for Episode 5 and fans have been speculating ever since regarding a number of aspects, including an upcoming Agent.

Bring a piece of Omega Earth into your background with our Episode 5: DIMENSION cinematic poster. Catch the premiere of SHATTERED on Monday at 8am PT.

Next week will mark an exciting period for Valorant fans all around the world. The popular FPS from Riot will get a number of major content updates with the launch of the new Episode. Titled Dimension, Episode 5 will bring a new map for players to explore, a new skinline to pick from, a fresh Battlepass and more such cosmetic items.

Will the next Valorant Agent be an enforcer soldier? The latest cinematic poster hints towards it

The cinematic poster for Episode 5: Dimension features four Agents from the Valorant Protocol of Earth 1, Viper, Reyna, Neon and Killjoy. The Alpha-Omega bridge looms in the background, seemingly activated by the powers of Neon. In front of the teleporter on the poster, a number of mechanized soldiers are being led by a similarly suited-up soldier with a red visor.

The eye insignia (Image via Sportskeeda)
The eye insignia (Image via Sportskeeda)

They have an eye insignia on their suit, a symbol that players will find scattered around Pearl. It is likely that they are the Protection service of Omega Earth that Valorant Protocol will encounter. Reyna's email at Brimstone's office in the Range points towards the same conclusion.

It will be intriguing to see if the figure leading the pack takes a central role and is an enforcer Agent added later to the roster. The email does hint that the soldiers will have a significant impact on the narrative.

The poster also featured a possible look at Killjoy's new inventions. Sova makes a mention of this in one of the voice recordings found in Brimstone's office in the Range. The purpose and effects of the same will probably be explored in the upcoming trailer.

Reyna's mail of concern (Image via Valorant)
Reyna's mail of concern (Image via Valorant)

The cinematic poster, shared on the game's official Twitter channel, acts to increase the hype among fans worldwide. The premiere of the cinematic trailer Shattered will take place on Monday at 8.00 AM PT. Till then, players will be poring over the poster with curiosity and imagination.

For a long time now, fans have been dissecting and analyzing bits and pieces of the cinematic trailers in order to learn about the narrative and the lore that Riot imbues within them. Shattered will likely be the same. Lore and narrative-wise, Pearl will play a significant part and jumpstart the new narrative arc.

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The poster shared by Valorant is thus a prelude to what can be expected. The new underwater map, enclosed within a geodome, has already caught the fancy of players. It will be interesting to see where the writers take the story next and who will be the next addition to the colorful list of Agent roster.

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