Valorant Give Back bundle 2024: Everything we know so far 

Valorant Give Back bundle 2024: Everything we know so far
Valorant's 2024 Give Back bundle leaked (Image via X/@ValorLeaks)

A brand new Valorant Give Back bundle 2024 has been leaked. The highly anticipated bundle is expected to comprise four very popular weapon skins, a rather magnificent player card, and an interesting gun buddy. The weapon cosmetics in question are the famed Ion Sheriff, Reaver 2.0 Spectre, Oni Phantom, and finally, the Reaver Operator.

The player card looks like the hands of Iso and Cypher engaged in a tight handshake. The gun-buddy looks similar and so does the Spray. The leaked bundle will likely be released during Episode 9, which is set to release on June 25 right after the current Episode 8 Act 3 ends. Here are more details about the cosmetic collection.

Valorant Give Back bundle 2024: Everything there is to know

The Give Back bundle 2024 was recently leaked by Valor Leaks as well as Valorant Leaks and News. Both of these X handles have provided reliable and accurate leaked information almost every time in the past.

The bundle is rumored to include the guns mentioned earlier. These items will likely be priced exactly like the 2023 Valorant Give Back bundle's inclusions. Here is how much each item in the collection is expected to cost:

  • Ion Sheriff - 1,775 Valorant Points
  • Reaver 2.0 Spectre - 1,775 Valorant Points
  • Oni Phantom - 1,775 Valorant Points
  • Reaver Operator - 1,775 Valorant Points
  • Playercard - 775 Valorant Points
  • Gun Buddy - 975 Valorant Points
  • Spray - 675 VP

The overall price of the bundle is estimated to be 6,387 VP. If the Valorant Give Back bundle 2024 arrives, the Riot Social Impact Fund will receive 50% of the money generated by the sales of this collection's skins. The organization will also get 100% of the money generated through other accessories in the bundle like its Card, Gun Buddy, and Spray.

The four skins in this pack are some of the most popular because Valorant fans all over the world voted on them. The voting was done via an X poll officially released by Valorant on April 5, 2024. It ended on April 7. The options one could vote for were as follows:

  • Oni Phantom/Ion Vandal
  • Valiant Hero Ghost/ Ion Sheriff
  • Sovereign Guardian/Reaver Operator
  • Reaver Spectre/Gaia's Vengeance Ares

The voting race between the rifles was close, with the Oni Phantom securing 53.7% of the votes, while the Ion Vandal received 46.3%. In the meantime, Ion Sheriff won with 52.9% votes, with the Valiant Hero Ghost only getting 47.1%.

The other two options saw larger disparities, as Valorant's Operator skin secured 59.7% of the votes, leaving the Guardian behind with only 40.3%. Finally, the Specter skin got 76.1% of the votes, with the Ares only receiving 23.9%.

The inclusion of a Give Back bundle is an annual initiative by Riot Games that has now turned into a tradition, which will likely continue for the years to come.

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