Valorant introduces new Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle in Patch 3.10

Valorant's new skin bundle Magepunk 2.0 releases in Patch 3.10. (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant's new skin bundle Magepunk 2.0 releases in Patch 3.10. (Image via Riot Games)
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The new Valorant Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle is set to bring the retrofuturistic- essence back to stores in Patch 3.10, with more skin variants.

The Steampunk-inspired weapon skin-line first appeared in stores on April 1, 2021. Since then it has become increasingly popular among the Valorant community. Weapon skin collections like Glitchpop and Prime have been brought back to the stores. Similarly, Magepunk 2.0 is also back in the game.

Mechanized magic--back in the palm of your hand. Magepunk returns with new skins, a new melee, and all the same style. Hitting your shop tomorrow.

Fans have been waiting for the Magepunk skin bundle to make a return to the store with more variants for a long time, and it's finally here in Patch 3.10.

New Valorant Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle will include an Operator skin

Valorant developers have brought in new themes and designs when it comes to in-game cosmetics. Out of them all, the Magepunk weapon-skin bundle has been one of the community's favorites. Therefore, the Valorant community was eagerly awaiting its return to the store.

The new Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle will bring back the Neo-Victorian Magical Industrial Revolution aesthetics through an in-game weapon cosmetic. It will drop 3.10, on November 16, 2021, which will also deliver the new Valorant Sentinel agent, Chamber.

Previously, the first Magepunk was comprised of a Melee, Ghost, Spectre, Bucky and Marshal. For Magepunk 2.0, developers have included skins for the following weapons:

  • Melee
  • Sheriff
  • Guardian
  • Operator
  • Ares

Magepunk 2.0 will replace the existing 'Radiant Crisis 001' skin bundle. Once the new skin line is available in the store, players can go and buy the skin if they have enough VPs.

Magepunk 2 Chromas | #VALORANT ~ Blue, Green, Pink, and Gold

The specific variants and more details have not been officially announced by Riot Games yet. However, the popular Valorant dataminer, Mike (@ValorLeaks on Twitter) claims it will include four color variants: blue, green, pink, and gold.

So far, Riot Games have not officially revealed the price of Magepunk 2.0, either. However, the price of the original Magepunk skin bundle was set to 6,734 VP, so it could be around the same cost.

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