Valorant introduces new map Breeze: Here is everything we know so far

Map 6, Breeze, is coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Map 6, Breeze, is coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games is finally adding a sixth map to its shooter, and the new tropically-set arena, Breeze, will hit the Valorant servers in just a few days.

After officially announcing the arrival of the new arena in a previous tweet, the publisher has finally revealed features of the new map that will be accompanying the latest Act.

Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 3 will not be bringing a new Agent this time around, as Riot wants to focus more on the map pool heading into the VCT Stage 2 Masters. This event is set to take place in Reykjavík, Iceland, in May.

Alex Francois from Valorant Esports League Operations said:

“The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 - Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland will include VALORANT’s newest map, Breeze, in competitive play. With six maps in rotation, we’ll be introducing a new map veto and selection process that will take place ahead of each match.”

Hence, Valorant fans worldwide are in for some exciting times as they will get to see their favorite professional players go toe-to-toe with each other on a whole new map.

About Valorant’s Breeze and its key features

In terms of setting, the Valorant devs have placed Breeze somewhere within the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle.

Unlike the previous map, Icebox, Breeze will be much more colorful and feature wide-open spaces that favor long-range encounters over close-quarter skirmishes.

A view of the new arena (Image via Riot Games)
A view of the new arena (Image via Riot Games)

The choke points will be wider as well, and the new map will feature both closing doors and vertical ropeways, as seen in Ascent and Split.

When talking about the goals that went behind the map design, Valorant’s Senior Game Designer, Sal Gorozzo, commented:

“One of the main goals we had with Breeze was building larger and more open spaces with longer sightlines than the other maps in the pool. This provides an opportunity for different weapons and Agents to shine. Each map should provide different strengths and weaknesses for the Agents in the roster to explore while supporting different types of strategies and team compositions.”

Breeze was created with the Caribbean islands in mind, and the presence of loading docs and large shipyards will be the recurring theme of the new map.

Breeze is heavily inspired by islands in the Caribbean (Image via Riot Games)
Breeze is heavily inspired by islands in the Caribbean (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant’s Art Lead Devon Fay talked about the map design and stated:

“Breeze was heavily inspired by islands in the Caribbean. We loved the old forts and tropical beaches. After the cold, angular world of Icebox, we were really excited for the open, bright, colorful world of Breeze. The setting also lets us tell a story of modern piracy in a history-rich location. What if Kingdom lost control of its Radianite stores and technology? What would the people who took it do with it?”

Lore-wise, Breeze has a lot of content that Valorant fans can mull over, and with the tropical Caribbean setting, there are chances that the shooter might just get a pirate for its next Agent.

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