Valorant introduces new map Fracture in Episode 3 Act 2, revealing more about mirror verse lore theory

Valorant introduces a new map, Fracture in Episode 3 Act 2 (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant introduces a new map, Fracture in Episode 3 Act 2 (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant is all set to receive a new map, Fracture, on September 8 2021, along with the Episode 3 Act 2 battlepass.

Going by the pattern of content release in Valorant, the community and the fans mostly expected a new agent in Episode 3 Act 2. However, the developers brought a new map instead this time, diving more into Valorant’s mirror verse theory.

There have been multiple teasers over the past couple of months hinting at the Valorant’s seventh map. The map was first teased in the The Year One Anthem video on the occasion of Valorant’s one-year completion. Now, after several hints, Fracture will arrive in the game, exposing the players to the Mirror Earth Kingdom.

Things to know about Valorant’s seventh map, Fracture

After Breeze in Episode 2 Act 3, Valorant will receive another map, Fracture in Episode 3 Act 2.

Fracture follows an H-shape layout design with a visual split dividing the map into two halves. Like Split and Icebox, the map also features a zipline. There is a long zip line connecting underneath through the central collider. However, the defender spawn is in the middle of the map, with the attacker spawn on both sides.

The A site of the map is completely abandoned and deserted, whereas the B site contrasts with a green land covered with grass, a science facility covered with leaves and greenery.

Apart from the map features and other mechanical elements, one of the key things to look forward to in Fracture is the further revelation of the Valorant’s mirror verse lore theory. It is the first-ever map in Valorant with interactive lore elements.

The Duality cinematic was the first time when players were introduced to the Mirror Agents and the Mirror Earth Kingdom. Since then, there has been no more information or expansion of the Valorant lore. Finally, Fracture will give some context to the mirror verse theory, with some interactive narrative objects present in the map.

Fracture is certainly an interesting map, shaping up the Valorant’s lore perspective. Fans will get to experience interactive visual storytelling, questioning the events that took place on the map.

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