Valorant looks to nerf run and gun in patch 6.11

Valorant looks to nerf run and gun (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant looks to nerf run and gun (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant, the popular team-based tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, has been praised for its precise gunplay mechanics and strategic gameplay. However, one persistent issue has plagued the game since its beta phase: the run and gun accuracy. Players have long complained about the lack of penalty for shooting while on the move, and finally, the developer is taking action to address this concern in the upcoming patch 6.11.

Changes coming to Valorant's gameplay


Professional players and gamers of all ranks have voiced their frustrations regarding the run and gun gameplay style in Valorant. In most tactical shooters, gunfights involve careful strategy and positioning, where standing still offers a higher degree of accuracy than shooting while running or walking.

This principle is well-established in titles like CS:GO, where movement significantly impacts accuracy. Unfortunately, in Valorant, players can sprint and shoot without facing significant penalties, undermining the game's tactical depth.

Riot Games acknowledged these concerns and initially attempted to address the issue during the game's beta phase. However, the changes made then did not fully rectify the problem, and players continued to experience frustrating encounters with opponents who effortlessly maintained high accuracy while on the move.


Consequently, the community urged the developer to implement more substantial adjustments to the run and gun mechanics. After almost three years, Riot Games are finally bringing much-needed changes to this issue.

In response to the growing outcry, Riot Games has announced significant changes to its shooting mechanics on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), signaling their commitment to addressing the run and gun issue.

The changes focus on "Error Power" or "Center Biasing," a tool the developer utilizes to reward accuracy in Valorant. By biasing shots toward the center of the crosshair, the game provided consistency that allowed players to maintain accuracy even while moving.


However, the upcoming changes in patch 6.11 will significantly reduce center biasing while in any movement states besides walking or standing still. This alteration aims to decrease the accuracy of shots fired while running or walking, increasing the chance of shots landing further from the center of the crosshair.

The developer hopes this adjustment will introduce a much-needed penalty for shooting while on the move, promoting more thoughtful and strategic gunplay.

The decision to address the run and gun issue in Valorant demonstrates Riot Games' dedication to maintaining a fair and competitive gameplay environment. By actively listening to player feedback, the developer has shown their commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that the game remains engaging and enjoyable for all players, regardless of skill level.

The upcoming patch 6.11, with its nerfs to run and gun accuracy, is expected to have a profound impact on the overall gameplay experience in Valorant. Players must now carefully consider their movement choices during gunfights, emphasizing the importance of positioning and utilizing proper strategies to outmaneuver opponents.


These changes can potentially elevate the game's skill ceiling, rewarding players with precision and tactical prowess.

As Valorant evolves and matures, the developer must promptly and effectively address gameplay issues. The introduction of patch 6.11 and its focus on nerfing run and gun accuracy represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal.

The community eagerly awaits the implementation of these changes, hopeful they will contribute to a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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