5 tips to improve movement in Valorant (2023)

Valorant movement tricks players must learn in 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant movement tricks players must learn in 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant quickly gained recognition in the competitive industry ever since its release back in 2020. The title is popular for all the similarities it shares with other competitive first-person games such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch.

Mastering the title with all its Agent abilities and other unique aspects requires practice. One of the most crucial parts of skill development in Valorant is movement. Players must understand the basics of how to move in the game to climb ranks and win more gunfights.

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5 techniques to improve movement and travel easily in Valorant

1) Practice counter-strafing


Counter-strafing is probably the most popular technique for first-person competitive shooters such as Valorant. It is a crucial movement trick one must master in order to give themselves an edge during gunfights.

The technique involves a simple movement of strafing into one direction and then immediately moving to the opposite. Not only does this decrease the time it takes you to move, but it also confuses the enemy as they have to recalibrate their aim every time they see you strafing during a gunfight.

2) Practice jumping and parkour


Proper jump movements can get a player out of a pickle in Valorant quite easily, considering they have the required parkour skills to do so. Parkouring can also help one gain access to some of the best off-angles on certain maps. Moreover, it also helps in getting to higher ground.

The best way to practice these movements in Valorant is to complete the parkour course inside the practice range. One must try to beat it in a short amount of time to improve their skills.

3) Practice jump peeking


Jump peeking is one of the best ways to manually check for intel. One can use the movement mechanic from behind a strong cover when trying to peek at a common spot. Although this works best for the defenders, attackers can also make use of jump peeks to get valuable information out of the enemy.

A really good example of jump peeking is on Fracture B-site, from behind the Green Box. Any defender holding the site can jump behind the box when trying to spot attackers pushing from B-main.

4) Practice jiggle peeking


Much like jump peeking, jiggle peeking is also a popular way of collecting information while baiting potential Operator shots from enemies. However, there is a bit more movement involved in this technique than compared to the other, and it is best when done behind solid cover.

All players have to do is counter-strafe from behind a cover and use it as their base. That being said, doing it for too long may result in enemies flushing out their position with utililities. Adding in abilities like Raze's Satchels and Jett's Updraft can result in a great jiggle-peeking combination as well.

5) Learn when to crouch


Many newcomers fail to understand the significance of crouching in Valorant. While this particular movement increases weapon accuracy, it hampers the overall flow of movement during a gunfight. Moreover, a player becomes a stationary and easy-to-hit target while crouching out in the open. Thus, it must be used sparingly and only at specific times.

A good example of crouching includes crouch peeking. This can be done from behind the cover and crouching immediately when peeking out. Not only does this confuse enemies because they aim at a potential head height, but also gives the 'croucher' a small window to work with. However, this may not work in high-ranked lobbies.

Players can use the aforementioned tips to master movement in Valorant. The best way to practice these tricks is by applying them in deathmatches. They are more likely to adapt to good habits faster than usual since they will face real opponents.

That being said, custom games are also a good way to get a hold of certain map positions while learning movement tricks.

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