Valorant movement guide: 7 tips to improve your gunfight skills in 2022

Jett has a higher movement skill cap compared to other Agents in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jett has a higher movement skill cap compared to other Agents in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

The two most pivotal skills to master in Valorant are movement and gunfighting. Good movement can help players win fights with ease and also improve their game in the long run. There are a plethora of movement techniques that fill out different roles in the game.


Players can start mastering their movements to maximize their skills in every way. Once players become skilled in movement, they will be able to improve their aim, thus winning matches steadily.

How can players improve their movement in Valorant?

Anyone coming from a Counter Strike background will immediately notice how different the movement is in Valorant, despite the two games sharing many similarities.

Since movement plays such a pivotal role in Valorant, here are seven tips players can employ to improve in their game:

1) Crouching


Crouching is a major problem in the lower lobbies of matchmaking. Players often crouch as they mistakenly believe that it will protect them from enemies. However, in reality, players become easy targets in this position.

Crouching does not immediately make the crosshairs narrower, as some people think. Rather, it takes a few milliseconds to get to that pin-point accuracy. All in all, crouching has no obvious advantage in Valorant, and players must forgo it and improve on their movement while on the move.

2) Counter-strafing


Counter-strafing is probably one of the most important skills in competitive FPS titles such as Valorant. It is an age-old method through which players make themselves hard to target.

To counter-strafe efficiently, players need to focus on their speed as they move in a certain direction. As soon as they gain enough momentum, they should hit the key that will take them to the opposite side. While doing this, players should practice shooting between the small gaps. This will increase their first-shot accuracy.

3) Using the 'W' key too much


In Valorant, characters seem to move faster when parallel to the enemy. Thus, players should utilize the 'A' and 'D' keys to clear angles instead of going head-first into a site by pressing 'W'.

Players must always clear angles one at a time using small strafe movements. This will make them harder targets for their enemies. Utilizing this technique will give players more potency over their movement in the game, thus achieving better results.

4) Jiggle Peeking


Similar to counter strafing, jiggle peeking is also a tried and tested method used by veterans of tactical shooters. In a nutshell, it is basically counter-strafing, but behind a cover.

Players should use the 'A' and 'D' keys to expose a very small portion of themselves. In this position, they can either gain information or hit a few shots under protection. One can practice jiggle peeking in a custom game.

5) Jump Spotting


In a game where information is crucial, jump spotting can give players massive advantages during matches. Although this method cannot be employed in every situation, it is a great way to get information about the enemy.

Players can jump spot enemy players by simply being behind a cover that is not too tall. Some examples in Valorant are the Haven A-site box and the Icebox B-long box.

To perfect the jump spot, jump over the cover and press the key of the opposite direction to get back to safety.

6) Bunny hopping


Air-strafing or bunny hopping is basically a movement tactic that players can employ when their feet are not planted on the ground. To bunny hop successfully, players can bind their jump key to "scroll-wheel-up." This will allow them to jump over objects and bunny hop with ease.

7) Climbing platforms around all maps


There are certain spots in a lot of Valorant maps that provide advantages such as higher ground, cover, and plant denial against attackers. However, a lot of players are unaware of them.

The spots can be climbed with no abilities at all. An example of such a spot is the wall on the A-site of Icebox. It can be climbed with a well-timed jump from the defender-sided nest.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's opinions.

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