5 best Aim Lab routines for Valorant 

Five best Aim Lab exercises for Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five best Aim Lab exercises for Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant players have plenty of options when it comes to training their aim to win more gunfights. Riot's tactical shooter encourages players to win their aim duels against their opponents.

Players can train their aim using the in-game range, or they can try out deathmatches in which they'll have to play against real opponents. Deathmatches can prove to be helpful as players will be playing on actual in-game maps. That being said, there are several third-party aim training apps that players can use.


Aim Lab is one of the most popular aim training software. According to the developers of the software, Statespace, Aim Lab is still in early access. Despite the current status of the software, it provides a variety of Valorant playlists with training routines that players can use to improve their consistency in gunfights.

5 popular Aim Lab exercises players can use to improve aim in Valorant


Aim Lab features a variety of playlists from different competitive shooters, such as Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant. Playlists and exercises for each game are handcrafted, so the training helps players improve their aim in specific ways.

Aim Lab also features top-tier Valorant routines that players can try out. This article will list five popular Aim Lab exercises that Valorant players should consider incorporating into their practice routine.

5) Gridshot (Ultimate)


Gridshot is by far the most popular training exercise for first-person competitive titles. The main goal of this exercise is to help players warm up their arms and calibrate their aim. To be extremely precise in Valorant, players have to constantly be on their toes and stay alert for potential targets.

Gridshot helps teach players trigger discipline and also gives them an opportunity to train their muscle memory. Players can repeat the exercise two to three times for a perfect warmup.

4) Multilinetrace


Right after a warmup, a great way to add consistency to your aim is by practicing the multilinetrace exercises. This exercise will help players trace the quickest path from one on-screen target to another. While doing this, players will have to ensure that their crosshairs are not jittery and that they follow a linear path.

Players can do two to three repetitions of this exercise daily for more accurate aim tracing. This will also improve their flicking accuracy.

3) Headshot (Precision)


Valorant rewards headshots more than anything else in the game. Players must learn how to precisely aim for the opponent's head without having shaky crosshair placement.

The Headshot training will spawn targets at the head level for players to practice shooting at. This training focuses on improving the player's capability to internalize the height of opponents at a distance and gives them an opportunity to improve their reaction time. Players should begin seeing results if they practice three repetitions of the Headshot (Precision) exercise every day. They should also try to stabilize their crosshair placement while practicing this activity.

2) Spidershot 180


It is extremely crucial for players to practice turning around 180 degrees in-game so they can quickly react to potential targets behind them. Spidershot 180 has players alternating between targets on either side of them. This exercise mainly focuses on maintaining accuracy after turning around in the game.

Spidershot also spawns random targets that force players to micro-adjust their crosshairs after each shot. Two to four repetitions of this one-minute exercise can help players work towards a more consistent aim while maintaining their reaction time in Valorant.

1) Motionshot (Precision)


Riot's shooter often requires players to switch targets and be ready for the next gunfight. With Motionshot, players can train their ability to track down a target and reposition their crosshair to a different threat.

This is one of the most efficient aim training exercises in Aim Lab. Players can use these exercises to improve their tracking and flicking skills in Valorant.

Players who are serious about the game should consider adding these training exercises to their practice routine. The exercises can be easily found under the CHAR7ATAN playlist in Aim Lab.

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