Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4 roadmap reveals cross-progression, Ranked 2.0, and more

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Mid-Season Roadmap reveals and confirms a variety of features (Image via Ubisoft)
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 mid-season Roadmap reveals and confirms a variety of features (Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has updated its mid-season roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 4. This means most of the promised features will be delayed for a short time as developers figure out a few things with the game's current state. With that being said, the mid-season roadmap also revealed new additions that will come to the shooter title.

The roadmap revealed that one event from Season 4 will be taken away. Tons of other features including Ranked 2.0, cross-play/cross-progression, and a new competitive map are still confirmed to come with the upcoming season.


Along with that, the roadmap also showed the Phase 3 Reputation Score Display. This will be an implementation of the current reputation system that was introduced in Year 7.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 mid-season roadmap showcases new additions

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7's mid-season roadmap confirmed a variety of additions coming to the shooter title, with some of them delayed to the upcoming season and some to the next year.

The Y7S3 Mid-Season Roadmap has been updated! Coming in Y7S4 🔀 Cross-Play & Cross-Progression🗺 New Competitive Map🏆 Ranked 2.0🎮 Advanced Controller Options📊 Rep Score Display ... and more! Learn about what other changes are coming to Siege 🔽

These additions are confirmations of extremely exciting and long-awaited changes to the game, including the anticipated cross-play and cross-progression system. Ubisoft is yet to reveal the upcoming season's details but the mid-season roadmap once again sheds light on the confirmed features.

Cross-play and cross-progression confirmed in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 4

Ubisoft has confirmed the cross-play and cross-rogression between multiple platforms for Rainbow Six Siege. However, it will not be as some quite expected it to be. The developers explained this in detail in their panel.


For cross-play, only console players will be able to enter matchmaking together and against each other from Year 7 Season 4. Meaning, those on PlayStation and Xbox will be able to queue together, excluding PC gamers. Ubisoft is implementing this system to speed up queue time and create a better ranked ecosystem for consoles.

Cross-progression, on the other hand, will work quite differently. As long as a player shares the same Ubisoft account across all consoles and PC, they will be able to play at the same in-game level, possess the same cosmetics, and share the progress on all systems. However, they will not be able to matchmake with their console friends when they are on PC and vice-versa.

Ubisoft is yet to explain this in detail, but fans will be hoping for a deeper insight during the upcoming reveal.

How will the Ranked 2.0 work?


Ubisoft plans to bring Ranked 2.0 to Siege in Year 7 Season 4. This system will practically overhaul the entire ranked mechanism. With that being said, climbing up the numbers will also become significantly difficult.

To close the disparity between players of the same rank, Ubisoft decided that every single gamer will go through a hard reset at the start of every season. This means no matter their rank, they will be starting from the absolute bottom. This will force them to climb all the way to their deserving tier.

This also comes with a few backend tweaks. Each ranked player will be placed under an invisible rating that will help Ubisoft manage their actual status so they face players of a similar skillset.

New Reputation Score Display (beta)


Ubisoft is also looking forward to enhancing the recently introduced Reputation system for Rainbow Six Siege in Year 7 Season 4. According to the patch notes, the new feature will allow players to access their Reputation Standing.

During the beta phase of Season 4, gamers will not receive any positive or negative effects based on this standing. This will merely be an onboarding process that will give everyone a chance to adapt and modify their playstyles and interactions accordingly.

These changes will be massive for Rainbow Six Siege's health in the coming future. With that being said, Ranked 2.0 was pushed back to Season 4, along with a few other features such as the Permanent Arcade Mode to Year 8 of the game.

Many fans are upset that these systems are not going to be on the list of additions right away. Season 4 will also have a single event instead of two. For more Rainbow Six Siege news, stay tuned.

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