Valorant might introduce kill counter weapon skin upgrade in the future

A recent Valorant leak revealed something interesting is on the cards
A recent Valorant leak revealed something interesting is on the cards

Riot Games might be introducing a kill counter to Valorant as a future weapon skin upgrade.

Valorant is arguably the most played first-person competitive shooter game at the moment. Developed by Riot, it is the studio’s first foray into the first-person shooter genre.

The game receives great praise for its consistent post-launch content drop of higher quality, from player cards and gun buddies to weapon skins. Well-known Valorant data miner Mike, aka ValorLeaks, recently tweeted that kill counters might be coming to Valorant for future weapon skin upgrades.

Upgrading Valorant weapon skins will let players track total kills

From the dragon-themed Elderflame to the cyberpunk-inspired Glitchpop to the Second World War Arsenal of Infantry, Valorant has had incredible weapon skins added consistently. The recent addition of Go! Vol. 2, the second iteration of Japanese anime-inspired weapon skins, has made fans quite excited.

Selective weapon skins can be further upgraded using Radiant Points, an in-game currency. Upgrading them can unlock a variety of color options and new animations. However, the upgrade doesn’t always feel worth it.

Regarding weapon skin upgrades in Valorant, ValorLeaks recently tweeted out:

Kill Counters are coming to valorant as a skin upgrade in the future. | #VALORANT

He added:

It's like an upgrade for the skin, just like how you have VFX for skins and the Randomizer on the Recon skins. It's just a kill counter upgrade for future skins.

Currently, Valorant indicates the total number of kills in a single round with the number of markings in the kill indicator logo. Still, there is no way to count the total number of kills with a specific skin in total.

@SoarJM Most likely future skins as it is an upgrade but who knows. Riot might decide to just add it to every skin, but I doubt it.
The kill counter for different number of kills (Image by u/TheAntony on Reddit, Riot Games)
The kill counter for different number of kills in Valorant (Image by u/TheAntony on Reddit, Riot Games)

CS: GO has a special set of weapon skins called StatTrek that counts the total number of kills with the particular weapon. This data is visible in a small electronic counter on the gun, right above the trigger, and it can be viewed whenever the firearm is inspected.

The stat counter only tracks the kills by the weapon owner and will show ERROR! if someone else pics it up.

It is still uncertain how Valorant’s kill counter will look, but fans are pretty excited about the feature.

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