Valorant patch 4.08 expected file size for PC

Valorant patch 4.08 expected file size (Image via Riot)
Valorant patch 4.08 expected file size (Image via Riot)

Valorant patch 4.08 update is set to go live in the game globally in the next few hours. Developers are almost ready to drop some exciting changes to the game with the upcoming update.

Since its launch, the game has gained immense favor among the players. The concurrent number of players on a daily basis shows the popularity of the game globally. While the game's unique theme has made it attractive to the players, the developers' hard work has made it more exciting and entertaining for them.

With the introduction of frequent changes, new items, new skin collections, new Agents, and new maps, developers have always tried to keep the game fresh and entertaining for the players.


One of the most anticipated updates of the Riot's shooter in recent times is set to drop in the next few hours. The upcoming patch 4.08 will announce the commencement of Episode 4 Act 3 along with the new Battlepass items, Jett and Sova nerfs, new skin bundle, and most importantly, the new Initiator Agent Fade.

While players are already excited about the new update, some are also curious about the file size of the upcoming one. This article will provide players with some answers to their questions.

Valorant patch 4.08: Expected file size and contents of the upcoming update

With every new update in the game, Valorant developers have always tried to deliver a better gameplay experience to their players. With the upcoming update, Riot is hoping to make its players happy once again.

However, all the previous patch sizes of Valorant have ranged from 1.5 GB to 2 GB. Usually, the bigger the updates with new maps or a new Agent, it becomes almost 2 GB in size. As the new Agent Fade is ready to make her entry to the game with the upcoming update, the new patch 4.08 is expected to be approximately 2 GB in size.

The patch, along with Fade, will further make some changes to Jett, Sova and Neon. Players will also receive a new Battlepass to grind for. The new pass is also full of some exciting skin collections, gun buddies, player cards, sprays and more. Developers are also ready to introduce the new RGX 11Z pro skin bundle with this upcoming patch.

Valorant servers will go down around 2 pm PDT, and it will take around an hour to complete the maintenance. Upon completion, the new update will go live in the game.

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