Valorant PBE servers not working: Why players can’t play on the test build

Valorant PBE servers are unavailable and players can't figure out why. (Image via Riot)
Valorant PBE servers are unavailable and players can't figure out why. (Image via Riot)

Valorant has its own test build known as Valorant PBE or Public Beta Environment. Riot Games introduced the PBE to allow developers to fix bugs before it releases on the live build of the game.

It is the game developer's responsibility to maintain an online multiplayer title after it has been released. When it comes to updates, Valorant is quite well maintained.

Valorant updates are usually scheduled every two weeks to keep it going in the right direction. To make sure everyone is kept up to date on the changes, Valorant has released its PBE server to take feedback from players.

Valorant developers take all this feedback to bring balancing changes and bug fixes to the game.

The reason behind Valorant PBE not working

It is to be noted that Valorant PBE servers are only available in the North American region, so players living in other regions cannot access server. However, Riot has plans on making the servers available to other regions as well.

Riot decided to release PBE in the region of North America because most Valorant developers live in North America. This decision allows the developers to immediately react and fix the existing bugs.

Valorant PBE will not always be active and will be enabled every weekend prior to a major patch release. However, it is also not guaranteed that every patch will receive a PBE before release.

For more information on the PBE, players can go over to Valorant PBE’s Subreddit. Under the subreddit, players can get every bit of information a player could need.

If any player is unable to access the Valorant PBE server at the moment, it is best to check the above-mentioned subreddit to know about the PBE server status.

Valorant PBE is an excellent element that has been implemented by Riot Games to give players a consistent and stable update with every patch. All of these efforts are being made to ensure that Valorant players get a bug free experience.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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