Valorant player shares video of one-way Viper Ultimate bug on Ascent

A one-way Viper Ultimate bug was recently discovered by a Redditor (Image via Riot Games)
A one-way Viper Ultimate bug was recently discovered by a Redditor (Image via Riot Games)

A Valorant Redditor, who goes by the handle Deathcounter0, has shared a video of an interesting bug that allows players to use the one-way Viper Ultimate on Ascent. The bug could change the way that players defend B-site on the map.

The user clarified that they weren't the one who found the lineup and credited YouTube channel 吐司 for the video.

Deathcounter0 wrote in the comment section of their post:

"I didn't find this lineup - Credits go out to 吐司 and his video. Works as of 5.06 regardless of Graphics setting. The Smoke Refill spot without moving I found myself. Please Fix Riot.
"Don't use this ult, it can get you banned and is unsportmanship. I posted it for awareness and to expose people that already uses it (so you roughly know where to wallbang from Rafters or from On Site). Atleast it's not as bad as this viper ult back then."

Players can perform the one-way Viper's Pit bug by aiming at the corner of B-site Heaven, as portrayed in the clip posted by u/Deathcounter0. They can then aim at the lower ground close to the decorated line on the floor. Once the Ultimate is active, the Viper player can quickly reach Under Heaven and find an empty spot right beneath the Pit.

However, players will still get the prompt for "Return to Fuel," as Viper cannot stray outside her Ultimate for longer durations. The Pit closes down if she is outside for too long.

This is still a useful tool, as the Viper player will be able to see everything around her clearly. Meanwhile, her enemies will struggle to find her inside the Pit.

Viper isn't exactly the most preferred controller on Ascent. Considering her pick rate, most players will not even attempt to use the bug and put their Agent's lineup at risk. Controllers like Brimstone and Omen are far superior when it comes to smoking off multiple angles on the map.

Riot Games yet to fix the one-way Viper Ultimate bug in Valorant

Riot Games is yet to fix the Valorant bug, and many players are wondering if it is an actual Viper feature on the map.

Valorant developers are pretty active in terms of fixing small bugs and glitches. It is safe to assume that if the bug gets a lot of attention in the community, they will soon take action and fix it.


Riot Games has not yet confirmed whether the Viper bug on Ascent is a bug or a feature. If it is a game-breaking experience for Valorant players, the company will surely remove it in future updates.

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