5 best Valorant pros who main Viper in Episode 4 Act 3

Viper is a well-balanced agent in Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)
Viper is a well-balanced agent in Valorant. (Image via Riot Games)

In the right hands, Viper is one of the deadliest agents on the entire Valorant roster. Armed with skills revolving around "poisoning" other agents, Viper is indeed a controller in all aspects. According to lore, Viper is an American chemist and was the second person to join the Valorant Protocol after Brimstone.

Although Viper isn't exactly line-up dependent, knowing which ability to use on which portion of the map does come in handy. Her ability to create a Toxic Screen can provide good cover in open areas. Moreover, with the ability to create a Poison Cloud and drop venom on the ground with her Snakebite ability, Viper can reduce the HP of enemies without even firing a single bullet. All that is before she unleashes her ultimate ability.

With her ultimate active, Viper creates a zone of toxic gas that also acts as a cover for her. Anyone who enters this zone starts losing health rapidly, making them easy targets for the venomous Viper. Also, any enemy who steps inside this zone is highlighted in red, letting the agent take enemies out without breaking a sweat.

Overall, Viper is one of the easiest agents to use in the game. Beginners can use this agent to learn the ropes of the game, while professional players can be seen executing interesting gameplays with Viper.

This list will focus on the five best players who've used the agent in the recent VCT tournaments, along with their average combat score (ACS).

Five professional Valorant pros who use Viper almost perfectly

5) Jose Luis "koldamenta"


ACS: 173.33

Hailing from the country of Spain, Jose Luis Aranguren Herrero is a Valorant pro often found spewing venom as Viper in the game. He currently plays as part of the Guild Esports roster.

Before moving to this game, koldamenta was a big name in the world of PUBG. And his popularity has been on the rise for a while right now. He was already famous in the Spanish esports scene and has also been making a name for himself in the global Valorant scene.

He's one of the most promising players in the current tournament, so one can expect him to set up some really interesting moves in the upcoming matches.

4) Ayaz "nAts"


ACS: 232.89

Ayaz Akhmetshin is a young Valorant pro coming from Russia. Currently, he's a part of Gambit Esports, and his precise playstyle has earned him the title of Aim God.

Although he made his name in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, nAts has quickly adapted to the Valorant environment, and his Viper plays are god-like.

Despite his young age, nAts is already making waves in the Valorant community solely based on his ruthless playstyle and impeccable game sense.

3) Jordan "AYRIN"


ACS: 175.00

Jordan He, or AYRIN, is a professional Valorant player from Canada. He currently plays for the American team XSET.

AYRIN mostly resorts to playing a supportive role in the matches, setting his team in a position to bag frags. He and his team, XSET, are currently playing the VCT North America Stage 2: Challengers. They're looking good in their group and will be going up against The Guard in a few days.

AYRIN has managed to pull off interesting clutches in his with Valorant, getting the crowd on his side.

2) Phat "Supamen"


ACS: 161.54

Phat Le is a professional gamer who is currently a part of the FaZe Clan. He's been on the Viper wagon quite recently but has quickly grown familiar with the character and its playstyle.

Supamen is fairly new to the FaZe Clan. He was previously a part of Rise, only having made the switch to FaZe recently. He's comparatively new to the Valorant professional scene as well. However, he's already made quite an impression for himself based on his performances.

He's been in impeccable form in the current tournament and will definitely be one of the players to watch out for in the upcoming days.

1) Michael "dapr"


ACS: 200.50

Michael Gulino is the final player on this list. His current average combat score reflects how deadly he can be in the game. Although it's rare to find a lot of people using Viper these days, dapr excels in the role.

Before coming to Valorant, dapr made his presence known in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive circuit. He hails from America and is currently setting an example for all non-professional Viper mains out there.

Although Sentinels have had a rough start in the current VCT tournament, he's still a threat to be reckoned with.

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