Valorant Pride Month 2022: How to claim limited edition Player Cards, Titles, and Gun Buddies

Guide to claiming new items in the Valorant Pride event 2022 (Image via Riot Games)
Guide to claiming new items in the Valorant Pride event 2022 (Image via Riot Games)

To support the causes of the LGBTQIA+ community, Valorant is getting new items, which Riot Games did in the previous year as well. June is globally celebrated as Pride month. Hence, the game aims to support the community by releasing Player Cards and Titles.

Play with PRIDE by picking up a bundle of free Player Cards and a brand new Gun Buddy. Available in your shop now.

Riot Games had already made new Player Cards and Titles available to players in 2021, which can be redeemed from the in-game store. This article will dive into the redemption process to assist players in acquiring these limited edition items.

How to claim Valorant Pride event 2022 items

Unlike last year's Pride event, Riot Games simplified the process of claiming items during the event by completely removing the unique code system. Instead, players can get their respective Pride 2022 cards and items straight from the Valorant store for free.

The Pride Bundle is out now, the bundle is completely free. Enjoy!

The following are the steps to claim and use Pride player cards:

  • Step 1: Start Valorant and go to the in-game store.
  • Step 2: Look for the desired player card and purchase it.
  • Step 3: Go to the collection menu and equip the claimed pride player card.

Every Player card has its meaning and is signified with various colors. The meaning of each of the following Pride 2022 cards is as follows:

  • Rainbow >>> Stands for the LGBTQ and consists of six colors: Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.
  • Cotton Candy >>> Stands for Transgender and consists of two colors, Baby Blue and Pink.
  • Primary >>> Stands for Pansexual and consists of primary colors: Red, blue and yellow.
  • Galactic >>> Stands for Non-binary and consists of three colors: Yellow, white, and purple.
  • Sunset >>> Stands for Bisexual and consists of two colors: Prussian blue and magenta.
  • Twilight >>> Stands for Asexual and consists of dark purple, white, and grey colors.
  • Sherbet >>> Stands for Lesbian and makes use of the colors: Orange, white, and purple.
  • Mint (newly added in 2022) >>> Stands for Gay and makes use of colors like Violet, blue, light blue, white, light green, and green.

Besides player cards, Pride 2022 also brings a new rainbow-colored Valorant gun buddy, which players can use on any gun.

All the content mentioned here will be available for a limited time from June 1 to 20, so players interested in getting these need to be hasty before the offer expires.

Also, if players face any issues with the purchases, contact Riot Support for further assistance and look for a possible fix for the problem.

The term LGBTQIA+ is made to include all kinds of gender and sexuality. The whole term stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and others to make them feel included in one group.

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