All Viper lineups for Valorant’s Breeze

Viper lineups in Valorant
Viper lineups in Valorant's new map Breeze (Image via Riot Games)

Playing on Valorant’s sixth map, Breeze can be easier with the right choice of an agent like Viper.

All Valorant agents are known for their unique set of abilities. Professional players tend to generate some ideas and discover new lineups. Agents like Viper can easily dominate a map if the player has immense map knowledge.

The new Breeze map has multiple entrances, which require a good Controller agent to hold the site. Hence, Viper can be a great choice to play on this map.

After buffing on a v2.06 patch, her Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Snake Bite ability causes a minimum of 50 health decay while crossing through. As a result, the Controller can now hold a site for longer. This makes Viper, by far, a top pick for Breeze as well.

Breeze callouts in Valorant

The new Valorant map, Breeze, has got wide space and more than one entrance. Hence, Viper can be a great choice to control and hold the side for longer.

Before starting with the lineup guide, it is important to get familiar with all the map callouts for Breeze in Valorant.

Abilities wise Viper lineups for Breeze in Valorant


Snake Bite Lineups

Viper's Snake Bite (C) ability is one that can deal heavy damage to enemies affected by it. The ability is essentially a chemical launcher that can deploy a cylinder filled with fatal venom.

Once the Snake Bite cylinder shatters, a high-damage zone is created where any enemy player that comes in contact with the venom will be dealt damage while being rendered vulnerable (takes double damage) for 2 seconds.

Snake Bite Lineups (Image via Riot Games)
Snake Bite Lineups (Image via Riot Games)

Viper's Snake Bite lineups require precise positioning and accurate timing to be effective. However, once mastered, players can execute Snake Bite lineups with ease.

The wide-open areas of Breeze allow players to take advantage of this ability efficiently. Players can throw the Snake Bite from a distance or make it bounce from a wall to hit the targeted area, which makes this The Snake Bite ability the perfect post-plant utility on Breeze.

Toxin Screen Lineups

Viper's Toxin Screen is her signature ability, which helps the Agent deploy a long line of poisonous gas that acts as a passable wall in Valorant. Players need to re-use the ability to activate the toxin wall at the cost of fuel. Once deployed, the Toxin Screen cannot be picked up and re-deployed. However, players can activate and deactivate their toxin walls after a short cooldown.

Toxic Screen Lineups (Image via Riot Games)
Toxic Screen Lineups (Image via Riot Games)

The toxic wall can deal damage to enemies and resist them from a heavy push to the site. This allows the player to hold the site for longer.

When entering from B Main to Site B, there are entrances from the Mid and Defenders Side, which the Toxic Screen can easily cover. Players can also divide the Mid into two halves by placing the Toxic Screen line straight from the Mid Bottom, passing over the Mid Pillar.

Whereas, in Site A, one can place the Toxic Screen line staring at the entrance of A Bridge from the A Cave entrance. In the case of Defense, players can place the line from the Cave A entrance at Site A and make it pass through the A Hall.

Poison Cloud Lineups

Viper's Poison Cloud ability is an orb of poisonous gas that can be used at the cost of fuel. This ability can be used as a smoke to cover any specific area. Poison Cloud can also be re-used multiple times and can be picked up to be redeployed.

Poison Cloud Lineups (Image via Riot Games)
Poison Cloud Lineups (Image via Riot Games)

The Poison Cloud ability also helps to hold the site after the post plan. One can easily set up the poison cloud from a distance without a pick. Similar to the Snake Bite ability, Poison cloud can be placed from a distance.

Players can place it by throwing it in the air from a distance or making it bounce on a wall to drop in the targeted area. This gradually reduces the chances of taking a pick, especially in the post-plant scene in Valorant. Poison orb can be thrown using the FIRE button, and lobbed using ALT FIRE button.


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