Valorant players find new Fracture bug allowing them to jump off zipline and go outside map

The new Fracture bug allows players to go outside the map. (Image via Sportskeeda)
The new Fracture bug allows players to go outside the map. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's seventh map, Fracture, arrived in Episode 3 Act 2. Players found some bugs, allowing them to explore underneath the zipline and go outside the map.

Fracture has encountered several bugs since its release, and the developers have been working to fix them up. However, players have still found another bug in Valorant's latest map.

Fracture is the only map in Valorant with two Attacker's Spawns, connected by ziplines, running under the map. One cannot jump off the zipline or stop in the middle of the game.

Recently, a Valorant player with a Reddit username, u/RiceVsNoodles, posted a clip of him and other players from the lobby jumping off the zipline and moving outside the map.

Usually this can only be done in a custom game mode, with the ghost mode on but, the Valorant players seem to discover another way to go beneath the map, because of the bug.

Valorant players jump off Fracture's zipline to move under the map

As portrayed in the short clip posted by u/RiceVsNoodles on Reddit, players have to lead their way to the other side of the default attacker's spawn. While doing so, they need to hold the Shift key to slow down. Now as soon as they reach the end, near the beam in the gap, they can jump from the zipline.

This lands them up on the beam and they can then walk over it, if done correctly. Else players would die in the game with fall damage, as Astra from the player's team did in the clip.

This bug might dig a way for the players to explore Fracture and witness what's underneath the zipline connecting the two attackers' spawn. However, it might become a major issue or often game-breaking if it happens accidentally or is taken advantage by the enemies, during a match, especially in ranked games.

Even though Riot Games' has not yet stated anything about the bug or a possible fix, it is likely to get fixed in the upcoming patch updates.

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