5 best Valorant agents to play in Fracture

5 best Valorant agents in Fracture. (Image via Riot Games)
5 best Valorant agents in Fracture. (Image via Riot Games)

The new Valorant map, Fracture might be a bit challenging for players without the right agent pick.

Fracture will be available on Valorant from September 8, 2021 on all the servers, along with Episode 3 Act 2. This is the seventh addition to the Valorant’s map pool, expanding the existing mirror verse lore theory. The map is set in an H-shape layout design, with attackers spawning on both sides and defenders spawning in the middle.


The upcoming Valorant map will bring an overall new experience to the players, favoring the attackers mostly by pinching the defenders from both sides. However, with new strategies, players can definitely turn the tables around with the right set of agents.

Valorant comes will a large range of agents, who are assigned a unique set of abilities and roles that make them the go-to pick for a particular map, depending on its features.

This article will focus on the five best agent picks for Valorant’s seventh map, Fracture.

Top 5 Valorant agents in Fracture

5) Cypher

Fracture is a huge map that has a lot of corners, paths and hiding spots. Cypher will be a great pick to watch out for on the flanks and rotation. It will also be difficult for the enemies to detect Cypher’s Spycam if placed well.


Moreover, the intel will play a huge role in Fracture, rather than just aggressive fights. Cypher is the right agent to do it effectively.

Both sites have multiple entrances, where the player can set up Trapwires to resist the aggressive push to the sites, and his ultimate, Neural Theft, can also help in finding the position of the enemies hiding all around the map.

4) Sova

Another agent, who would be a wise pick for gathering information about the enemies is the Russian initiator agent, Sova.


Sova will be best for both attacking and defending in Valorant's Fracture. While attacking, Sova can use his Recon Bolt to find the enemies’ position on the site, and with his Own Drown, one can point out the exact position of the enemies hiding. When defending, his Recon Bolt will help the team in finding the exact path of enemies’ entrance to the site.

3) Omen

Fracture has a number of entrances to the sites, which can be difficult to defend without smoke. Omen is one of the best Valorant agents with the ability to smoke (Dark Cover).


Omen has the best set of abilities that are effective in this map. Apart from his smokes, one can use his Shrouded Steps to get to higher grounds, where the enemies won’t be expecting usually. Moreover, his ultimate teleport ability, From the Shadows, will be useful in a huge map like Fracture.

2) Astra

To win a match in Fracture, one needs a good controller, where Astra can be the best fit for it. Ghanaian agents can control the entire map by placing stars.


This is the map where Astra’s ultimate, Cosmic Divide, will play a vital role during matches. Furthermore, her abilities like Nebula/Dissipate, Nova Plus and Gravity Well would be efficient in both attacking and defending, if used correctly. Astra can make holding a site easier, and at the same time, can make a push easier with her abilities.

1) Jett

Jett has always been a great duelist pick for almost every map in Valorant, and here is another new map for the agent to shine again. Among all the duelist agents, Jett can be the most powerful one.


Her abilities help her in mobility, which will allow her to encounter enemies. Moreover, her Cloudburst ability helps in blocking the enemies with it and get involved in a fight with the enemies entering from the other side. Her Updraft ability will also allow her to get into the unexpected spots on the map and surprise the enemies from such angles.

Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the author’s personal views on Valorant and is in no way the final list for others.

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