Valorant players explore Sova's shadow nerf in post patch 5.0 update

Sova nerfed in Valorant patch 5.0 update? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sova nerfed in Valorant patch 5.0 update? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishab Chakladar

Valorant patch 5.0 update went live in the game globally last Wednesday. The new update announced another new chapter in the game, with a new saga known as 'Dimension' that will last for the next six months. With the introduction of the game, Riot has also kick-started another new Act in the game.

To make the game more exciting and interesting, the developers have brought in several changes. The introduction of the new underwater-themed map 'Pearl', new ranking 'Ascendant', new Battlepass items, and new weapon skin bundle 'Prelude to Chaos' has made it more attractive for the players. Players have already started their grind for Episode 5 Act 1, and are getting accustomed to these changes.

While exploring everything the new update had to offer, players noticed a significant change in Initiator Agent Sova in the post-patch 5.0 update. The change was not mentioned in the release patch notes, and hence, players are unsure whether it is a shadow nerf or a bug in the game.


Sova is not the only Agent to get undisclosed changes in Valorant post patch 5.0 update

Valorant is currently one of the most popular FPS titles around the globe. The unique concept of the game, a combination of Agent's abilities and tactical shooting, makes it more attractive to the players. The concurrent daily player-base shows the popularity of the game.

Whenever an update drops in, there is always a chance of new bugs appearing, which negatively impacts the gaming experience of players. With the latest patch 5.0 update, Valorant players have again experienced some new bugs, and one of them was Sova's shadow nerf.

Sova is one of the most popular Initiator Agents in the game. The Agent helps his team by gathering information about the enemy location with his Recon Bolt (E) and Owl Drone (C). Apart from that, his Shock Bolt (Q) and Hunter's Fury (X) can deal significant damage to the opposition as well. The perfect utilization of these two abilities can take down enemies at times as well.

Using the Shock Bolt (Q) and Hunter's Fury (X) players, Sova' players can destroy Killjoy, Cypher and Chamber's abilities. However, in the post-patch 5.0 update, Sova cannot do that anymore.

Killjoy's abilities, i.e. Alarmbot (Q), Turret (E), Nanoswarm (C) and Lockdown (X); Cypher's Trapwire (C) and Chamber's Trademark (C), which used to be destroyed with just a single Sova's Shock Bolt, are no longer destructible after the new update. Players believe it is a shadow nerf to Sova, whereas is a shadow buff to Killjoy, Cypher and Chamber at the same time.


Valorant players also explored a new bug with Viper. The infamous Viper's 'Peekers' advantage bug is back. In this bug, the player inside the Viper's Poison Cloud (Q) can see the player outside the smoke earlier than usual. The gap is around 300 milli-seconds and can affect the game significantly.

Riot is yet to address anything regarding these changes. It will be interesting to see whether they keep these changes in the game or fix them.

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