Valorant devs hint that Agent 14 will be a Duelist

Valorant dev opens up about new agent type, and other agent updates (image via Riot Games)
Valorant dev opens up about new agent type, and other agent updates (image via Riot Games)

Valorant Character Producer John Goscicki revealed that the backend team wants to bring changes to previous characters, apart from adding new agents to the game.

With days passing by, the Valorant world, along with the community, is growing larger. New updates and additions to the game renew the experience of the players, making them think differently to tackle the new scenarios.

In a recent article released by Riot Games, John Goscicki the Character Producer of the game opens up about how the team wants the agents to perform in the future.

Episode 2 of Valorant will bring in massive changes to all the existing agents

Coming Januray 2021, Valorant devs have planned to apply changes to the existing characters, starting with the Controllers, and then later moving onto the Initiators and Duelists. However, there is a strong reason to do so, as said by John.

The Valorant devs noticed that slight similarities have arised between the plays of an Initiator and a Duelist. They saw that the Initiators could pull out certain individual plays easily, whereas there are other situations where a Duelist might have needed some team support.

This led to the decision of completely differentiating the abilities of an Initiator and a Duelist. This will help each agent to perform exactly in the role that they're expected to. The Valorant Dev said the following about differentiating agent types:

"At a high level, we want to encourage people to play with their teammates as much as possible and we believe that giving our Initiator and Controller roles a bit more team-focused power will help achieve that end."

Another possible reason for the team to have come up with such an idea is because Brimstone and Viper, who are Controllers in the game, are rarely used. A change in these agents might raise the popularity of Controllers in Valorant.

Valorant devs want to experiment into adding unique abilities which might change the meta completely

The Valorant team wants to add new unique ideas into the game, which might totally change the concept of it. This might include the addition of new agents with abilities that the game hasn't seen so far. The Valorant producer said:

"We are going to take more risks with what each Agent introduces to the game, pushing some boundaries, and evolving what is possible in an ability based tac shooter."

With the team wanting to "push the boundaries," one might expect huge changes in the upcoming year, with agents totally different from the existing ones. This will not only affect individual players to choose a new agent to main over, but also affect the team lineups completely.

Image by Riot Games
Image by Riot Games

The 14th Agent of Valorant will be a Duelist

Valorant is releasing a 14th Agent in the upcoming new Episode. As said by the Valorant producer John, the new agent will be a Duelist.

With this addition, a whole lineup can be formed with five Duelists. While a maximum of three duelists are currently experimented by top tier teams, one might expect big changes in the meta with the new Duelist.

Skye was a needed change into the game, as only 2 Initiators existed previously. And now that the need is over, the team moves on to experiment into newer additions which will expand the possibilities of the game.

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