Valorant's Ares meta takes a hit as Riot looks to nerf the LMG in Patch 4.01

Ares nerf set to arrive with Patch 4.01 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ares nerf set to arrive with Patch 4.01 (Image via Sportskeeda)

A week into the release of Valorant's Episode 4 Act 1: Disruption, the game's audience awaits the Patch 4.01 update, which brings about a few changes that are expected to balance the game.

After receiving an overwhelming upgrade in the previous patch, Ares is likely to be hit with a nerf that can suppress the dominating presence the LMG has had in the game since Patch 4.0.

Patch 4.0, which introduced Disruption, also made adjustments to the game's gun-mechanics, primarily for Ares, Spectre, Bulldog and Guardian. While changes to the Spectre, Bulldog and Guardian were welcomed with open arms, the Ares became a weapon easily described by the player base as "broken". Riot Games will attempt to reverse this effect through Patch 4.01.

Valorant's Ares meta is likely to end after Patch 4.01

Ares received a significant upgrade, which increased its fire rate and reduced its windup time to improve its efficiency in competitive scenarios. Ares' fire rate was increased from 10 to 13 bullets per second, whereas its initial spin-up time was removed entirely in an attempt to finesse the weapon.

This turned Ares into an overpowered weapon that was abused throughout various elos of Valorant. Due to its affordability, Ares was the ideal weapon of choice in post-pistol rounds and half-buy rounds.


With a 50 bullet magazine that players can disperse and control to their liking, much of the player base felt that Ares was "broken" and needed immediate repairs.

The reaction from the game's global community prompted the developers at Riot to fine-tune the weapon and balance the wrath it has induced in Valorant's competitive matchmaking.

Patch 4.01 introduces the following changes to the weapon:

  • Price increased from 1550 >>> 1600
  • Pitch recoil increased
  • Spread changed from .8 >>> .7 after 10 bullets to 1.0 >>> .7 after 13 bullets
  • Crouch benefits spread and recoil reduced from 40% >>> 25%

The change in the weapon's price range is a reasonable adjustment. At the same time, the remaining revisions are expected to reduce the weapon's accuracy and its potential to overtake rifles like Phantom and Vandal in 1v1 gunfights.

Ares is among the two LMGs that dominate the lower elo of Valorant. Ares can be a practical component of the ranked or professional matchmaking experience even with the mentioned changes.

In addition to the Ares nerf, Riot Games introduced changes to the melee expected to arrive with Patch 4.0. Readers looking for the exact patch description can find it on Riot's official website.

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