Spectre, Ares and Bulldog to get massive updates in Valorant Patch 4.0

Updates to Spectre, Ares and Bulldog in Patch 4.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Updates to Spectre, Ares and Bulldog in Patch 4.0 (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the arrival of Valorant Patch 4.0, Riot Games is expected to introduce major changes to the gun-mechanics of a few of the Valorant community's favorite weapons.

Weapons like Ares and Bulldog, among others, are expected to get favorable upgrades. However, Spectre is set to get hit with a nerf that will shift the dynamic of the game away from the emerging run-and-gun mechanics of Valorant.

Listed below are all the weapon changes Valorant is likely to experience with the Patch 4.0 update that arrives with Disruption, Episode 4 Act 1 of Valorant.

All weapon changes in Valorant's upcoming Patch 4.0

Changes to melee

The first weapon to encounter a change is the melee. The melee weapon on Valorant has its moments of inaccuracy, thereby having a reduced potential when compared to its counterparts from other FPS titles.

  • Riot plans to increase the size of the hitboxes for the right click (ALT Fire) feature by 1.5 times. The left hitbox, meanwhile, is expected to be larger than the right, having a better range as well.
  • To take precision into account, targets in the centre of the knife will be the first to be subjected to damage.
  • A bonus feature, that will provide the player with an instant feedback while slicing walls with the melee, is likely.

Changes to Spectre


Spectre reigns in Valorant as the prime choice for an SMG, and one of the most popular primary weapons in the overall game's offerings. Patch 4.0 is expected to bring forward a series of changes that will reduce Spectre's versatility in combat.

  • Firing error for the weapon is expected to occur at an earlier stage during the spray than before, making it easier to miss during the initial seconds of a Spectre spray.
  • Pitch and yaw movements, which are the vertical and horizontal movements, is expected to encounter a small change. While players are running, jumping, or ascending through a zipline, the recoil multipliers are expected to increase from 1.25 to 1.5.
  • While in a counter-strafe motion, the protected bullet count might face a reduction to 5 from 8 bullets.
  • Time taken to switch yaw or counter-strafe can be expected to be lowered from 0.24 to 0.18 seconds.

Changes to Ares


Ares is yet another popular primary weapon in Valorant. However, game economy considered, Ares might not have found the right place in the game so far. Valorant developers might be looking to change that with a few upgrades to the weapon.

  • Players can look forward to the spin-up for Ares being removed with the upcoming patch in Valorant.
  • Fire-rate of Ares is likely to experience a substantial boost from 10 to 13.

Changes to Guardian

Valorant's one-tap machine, Guardian, doesn't share spaces with Vandal or Phantom in terms of popularity, and often remains unpicked in competitive situations. Valorant developers might have the answer to that.

  • The firing penalty on using the ADS with the Guardian is expected to be nullified.
  • With the next patch update, players should be able to land one additional shot with the weapon before it starts its recovery curve and enters a state of inaccuracy.

Changes to Bulldog


With the arrival of Patch 4.0, one of Valorant's most under-appreciated rifles is expected to receive an upgrade. In Episode 4 Act 1, Valorant enthusiasts may witness a weapon buff that can improve its efficiency in the game.

  • Bulldog is expected to recieve a small boost in its Hip-Fire rate from 9.5 to 10.
  • The recovery on burst-fire for the weapon is also likely to improve, taking it from a value of 0.4 to 0.35. This reduction in the recovery time is likely to improve the burst-fire efficiency of the weapon.

With the changes that will be implemented with the upcoming Chapter's launch, it will be curious to see how the players will adjust to the new stats.

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