Valorant Ares guide: Mastering the Light Machine Gun in Episode 4 Act 1

How to effectively use the Ares (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to effectively use the Ares (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Episode 4 Act 1: Disruption's release, Valorant introduced various adjustments to its gun mechanics, primarily for weapons such as Ares and Spectre.

Patch 4.0 introduced the latest Duelist Agent, Neon, along with the newest edition of the Battlepass and other in-game items. However, the changes to be highlighted are the alterations made to the gun mechanics of Ares, Spectre, Bulldog, Guardian, and melee.


Just a few days into the episode, the community has stated its opinion on the use of the Ares. A section of players has tagged the weapon as "broken", while others are rejoicing at the change of atmosphere it brings to the game.

Effectively using new, buffed up Ares in Valorant


The Ares costs 1550 credits in the in-game store (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Ares costs 1550 credits in the in-game store (Image via Sportskeeda)

Type: Light Machine Gun

Wall Penetration: High

Credits: 1550

Fire Rate: 13 rounds/sec

Equip Speed: 1.25 sec

Reload Time: 3.25 sec

Mag: 50/100


0 - 30m30 - 50m
Head - 72Head - 67
Body - 30Body - 28
Leg - 25Leg - 23

Ares costs 1500 in-game creds and has grown into the ideal weapon for the second round and half-buys. Before it was reworked in Patch 4.0, the firearm was overshadowed by weapons like Spectre, Bucky, and Marshall as the go-to option for similar in-game scenarios.


However, things changed with the arrival of the recent buff, causing both excitement and fear in the Valorant community.

How good is the Ares?

Alongside Odin, Ares is one of two weapons listed under the Light Machine Guns category in Valorant. With its 50-bullet magazine, players can unleash a barrage of highly penetrative shots at an incredible fire rate.

As a result of its exorbitant damage-per-second (DPS), a single Ares can eliminate an entire team within seconds.

Patch 4.0 tweaked the weapon by increasing its fire rate from 10 to 13 rounds per second. Additionally, the windup time was reduced, giving users a small window while using the weapon to land a few extra shots on the target.

At close range, the Ares can deal 72 HP damage on headshots, which drops down to 67 HP beyond 30m. However, with its incredible fire rate, gamers don't need to resort to headshots to get the most out of it.

As opposed to the Phantom's 31 HP body-shot damage, Ares is capable of dealing 30 HP per body shot but at a superior fire rate.

High wall/armor penetration is a feature exclusive to a few weapons like Ares, Odin, Sheriff, Vandal, and Operator. These firearms can land maximum damage while shooting through walls or objects on the map.

In-game scenarios that call for use of Ares

Creds are of the utmost essence to enjoy Valorant's competitive experience. While weapons like the Operator, Odin, Vandal, and Phantom are revered across all elos, it's not feasible to make the most expensive purchases every round.

This prompts players to dig through Valorant's extensive roster of weapons and use them accordingly.

As of Episode 4 Act 1, Ares costs 1550 in-game credits. Patch 0.50 reduced the in-game value of the weapon from its initial cost of 1700 to 1600, whereas patch 3.0 further decreased it to 1550.

For the purchase cost, Ares offers excellent functionality in shooting and movement. While it got buffed, Valorant's favorite SMG, Spectre, was hit with a nerf that reduced its effectiveness in various in-game situations.

The adjustments made to both firearms in the recent patch have tilted most players towards using the Ares in half-buy rounds.

After winning the pistol round in competitive fixtures, the game's meta has shifted towards gamers equipping their primary slot with an Ares for the second round. This has grown to such an extent that players are complaining about this weapon's dominance in their competitive lobbies.

Valorant's player base has always been fond of LMGs, with Odin being one of the most popular choices for a primary weapon in the game's lower elos. However, the Ares was overlooked due to the evident potential of the Spectre to deal massive damage in short to mid ranges.

So far, since the rework, Valorant's global player base has reacted with mixed opinions about the change. A fraction of the community is excited to use the overpowered weapon. At the same time, the rest feel that the Ares is broken and requires immediate repair to be used proficiently.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

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