Can Valorant's new Agent Neon help KAY/O improve his pick rate? 

Can KAY/O's abilities put an end to Neon's menacing pace? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Can KAY/O's abilities put an end to Neon's menacing pace? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Episode 4 Act 1 of Valorant, titled Disruption, is set to bring forward a ton of exciting changes to the game. Patch 4.0 will introduce the latest Duelist Agent to join the Valorant Protocol.

Neon is the 18th Agent to be introduced into the game. In recent days, we witnessed the unveiling of Neon's abilities and her gameplay, which has led to Valorant's global audience wondering about the Agent's place in Valorant's current meta.


Neon has a passive meter in-game, which fuels her speed, similar to Viper's toxin fuel. This dictates her level of mobility. She also has a sliding ability that can generate an element of surprise and provide her with the advantage in close-range gunfights.

Neon's ultimate maximizes her potential to cause damage while moving with supersonic speed. While her abilities pertain to the role of a Duelist as supposed to, it can be quite troublesome for Valorant players to counter the Agent.

In this article, we take a look at how Agents like KAY/O and Chamber can put a hold on Neon's menacing pace in Episode 4 Act 1 of Valorant.

Is KAY/O an effective counter for Valorant's fastest Agent?

With Neon's skillset, Valorant players can utilize short-range firearms like Judge, Bucky, Stinger or Spectre to make the best out of Neon's abilities. There is always the option of countering the Agent with long-range weapons.

However, it is essential to have an Agent who can counter Neon's abilities to have the most favorable outcome in team-based situations.


KAY/O was introduced into the Valorant Protocol with the Patch (3.0) that initiated Episode 3 Act 1, and is Valorant's latest inclusion in their roster of Initiators, alongside Sova, Skye and Breach.

The principal ability of KAY/O revolves around suppressing his opponents, thereby depriving them of any of their abilities. His signature ability, Zero/Point is a dagger that is capable of depriving Agents of their abilities for 8 seconds if caught within its radius.


Various footage of Neon's gameplay helps us understand the role she plays in a 5v5 tactical combat. Ideally, Neon is an Agent who can enter bomb sites unannounced, or even hit attacking teams with an unexpected defensive push.

KAY/O's ability to suppress may grant him the upper hand over Neon. His Zero/Point is a rechargeable ability that can be used after a duration of inactivity and is a great tool for entering bomb sites, thereby reducing the potential of a few of Neon's outlandish plays during round-start.

KAY/O's ultimate, Null/CMD, works in a similar way. He can pulsate waves of energy capable of suppressing opponents for a short duration, while his position on the map dictates the radius of his pulses. Additionally, he is also paired with a tactical flashbang and a molotov which are fairly simple and effective.


KAY/O can help Valorant players keep an eye on the evasive Neon and put an end to her escapades. The added value to his abilities may benefit the Agent's pick rate as he lacks versatility and map-adaptability when compared to Valorant's most popular Intiators like Skye or Sova.

At Valorant Champions 2021, KAY/O experienced an overall pick rate of 18%, lowest for an Initiator. The Agent has a 42% pick rate on Breeze, with 35% on Ascent. KAY/O had a subpar pickrate for the rest of the maps at Valorant Champions 2021, and is yet to make a desirable impact on the meta for Valorant.

Who are the other Valorant Agents capable of tackling Neon's mobility?

Similar to KAY/O, Agents like Chamber, Breach and Sage are equipped with abilities that can slow down Neon's movement.

Chamber's slow traps can surprise Neon from unexpected angles, whereas Sage's slow orbs shut down her speed by half. Breach has a set of abilities that specialize in slowing down Agents and can be immensely effective against the likes of Neon.


Additionally, Cypher can also use his tripwires and camera to catch Neon off guard and gather sufficient recon for the team to formulate a plan.

Valorant enthusiasts are yet to see the exact role Neon has to play in the meta for the game after Patch 4.0. Disruption, the next Act in Valorant, will initiate the Agent counter-meta that Riot has been developing since the introduction of KAY/O in June 2021.

The entire Valorant community brims with excitement as they await Episode 4 Act 1, which will deliver Valorant's Agent 19.

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