Valorant's higher system requirements may affect its popularity in India

Valorant's higher system requirements and its effect in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant's higher system requirements and its effect in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishab Chakladar

Valorant is currently the most popular FPS title in India. Since its release last year, many former CS: GO professionals have switched to Riot's tactical shooter. Valorant esports has also grown in the country and surpassed all the previous records of Indian PC esports. Teams and players are getting recognition worldwide as well.

While there are plenty of positives, some have already started to see some crimson clouds as well. With every new update, Valorant is becoming larger in size and more futuristic. As a result, players with low-end systems are having some serious trouble running the game smoothly and eventually losing interest in the game.

Players with low-end systems in India may leave Valorant as their system becomes unable to run the game properly

When Riot launched Valorant in June 2020, players showed interest in the game as it had a very minimal requirement to run the game. Gamers were able to run Valorant properly on their low-end PCs and Laptops.


However, the developers have upgraded the graphics and added so many new features to the game with time. As a result, players with low-end systems face multiple issues when running the game on their PCs or Laptops.

Being a third-world country, India is still an economically backward country. Most people use their PCs or Laptops for work purposes rather than playing games on them. At first, Valorant was able to attract those people as well. Players enjoyed the game while playing with their friends.


But now, they are facing multiple issues in terms of graphics and FPS (frame per second). Players are experiencing fluctuations in FPS while various activities are going on simultaneously in the game. The game's GPU usage has also increased from earlier.

It is very frustrating for a gamer to play Valorant with these issues. If these issues continue, players with low-end systems may lose interest in the game. It will directly affect the esports ecosystem of the country as well. Losing interest in the game will surely affect viewership numbers, upcoming talents, sponsors, and many other important things. Publishers, tournament organizers, and other organizations associated with Valorant esports need to re-think all these issues so that the competitive scenario in the country remains intact.

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