Valorant's new map Breeze will have a 2 week dedicated queue but will not be available for Competitive matchmaking during that time

Valorant's latest map Breeze will have a dedicated queue for two weeks (Image from Riot Games)
Valorant's latest map Breeze will have a dedicated queue for two weeks (Image from Riot Games)
Manodeep Mukherjee

As Valorant’s patch 2.08 rolls out with the new map, Breeze, and plenty of new additions and changes in other parts of the game, Riot Games has introduced a Breeze-only queue which will stay in the game for two weeks from release.

As far as both Competitive and Unrated game modes in Valorant are concerned, players are not exactly allowed to select their map of choice. The maps one gets queued into are selected at random.

Every time there is a new Valorant map release, Riot makes it a point that players get to have as much game time on the map as possible. When Icebox was released, Riot created a matchmaking algorithm so that players queuing up for unrated will get put on Icebox more often. This lasted for a few weeks and helped players get familiar with the new map.

However, this time with Breeze, Riot Games has decided to develop a queue exclusively for the new map which is unprecedented as far as Valorant’s past map releases are concerned.

Valorant’s new map, Breeze will have its own dedicated queue for two weeks

Breeze is a huge map. It features wide-open spaces that favor long-range encounters over close-quarter skirmishes. The choke points are wider as well, and the new map features both closed doors and vertical ropeways, as seen in Ascent and Split.

There are plenty of elevated spots on the map as well which will potentially serve as a heaven for snipers.

Valorant's latest map Breeze (Image from Riot Games)
Valorant's latest map Breeze (Image from Riot Games)

As far as location goes, the Valorant devs have mentioned Breeze to be located somewhere within the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. Moreover, it is a remote tropical island with luscious forests and sandy beaches.

Departing from the previous map, Icebox’s bleak visuals, Breeze is much more colorful and seems more spacious.

Valorant players will be able to queue exclusively for the new map for two weeks from its release.

Breeze will also not be available in regular unrated queues for two weeks. Hence, the only way to play breeze in this period is by using the Breeze Queue.

Following this period, the Breeze-only queue will be disabled and Breeze will then become available in the existing Unrated and Competitive queues.

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