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Valorant’s upcoming Agent Yoru's character celection animation leaked

Valorant Episode 2 Loading screen Image by Riot Games
Valorant Episode 2 Loading screen Image by Riot Games
Modified 05 Jan 2021

With the Upcoming Episode 2, a new Valorant Agent is confirmed to debut and join the roster.

Episode 2 is scheduled to drop this January with a slew of new content in Valorant. With Every Act, a new agent is introduced into the Valorant roster. Regarding the 14th Valorant Agent, who is supposed to join in with the next act launching Episode 2, Riot Games have dropped several hints.

With the character wallpaper and his confirmed playstyle as a duelist, there have already been several speculations as well as misconceptions.

Recently there was a massive leak regarding Episode 2. The leaks confirmed the 14th Valorant agent to be a duelist called Yoru, on top of showcasing all his abilities. The leak also showed a first look at the next act battle pass.

Another recent leak revealed the character selection animation of Yoru. 

Character Selection Animation of Yoru in Valorant

Before the start of any match, players load into a character selection screen. On the screen, players choose the agent they want to play with. On the screen, whenever an agent is selected, he or she comes up with a scripted animation to showcase the agent and their abilities.

Recently @exe_fileee revealed the character selection animation of Yoru. 


The video showcases Yoru stepping into the frame, and then the camera panning up to reveal him from the torso up. 

The tweet gained immediate traction from fans across the globe. 


From the leaked character thumbnail to the recent character selection animation, Yoru certainly has had a history of leaks before any official debut. 

Besides Yoru, fans are expecting a deep dive into the lore of Valorant. Based on Creative director David Nottingham’s year-end dev diary and the accompanying images, Yoru may be introduced in a cinematic.

With days left for Episode 2 to debut and the rise of the recent leaks, fans’ excitement is at an all-time high.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 21:13 IST
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