Recent Valorant leaks reveal Agent 14’s abilities and the name “Yoru”

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With Valorant Act 4 Episode 2 almost upon us, fans are quite excited about the arrival of the much-fabled Agent 14.

There have been a lot of speculations about the upcoming Agent, along with leaks and misconceptions that made many fans scratch their heads and wonder if the new Agent is going to be what the rumors suggest.

Valorant’s Agent 14, code-named “Stealth” is going to be a duelist, and according to some latest video leaks, he will be coming with the “invisible” trait in his kit.

The leak was first shared on Reddit on January 2nd, where only a two-minute clip of the new Agent's ability in the training lobby was shown.

And much of what was shown, points to the fact that Agent 14’s kit will revolve around deceiving the enemy and playing mind games.

Valorant Agent 14 might be called Yoru

By the end of the leaked clip, Valorant fans got a glimpse of the possible Agent name “Yoru.”

The ability descriptions that were leaked were originally in Russian, but it was translated by /u/kuroi_kaze on Reddit, and the abilities read the following:

  • Z ⁠— Creates steps sound. Press "Fire" to send it ahead, or pre-place it with "Alt-Fire," then press "F" to send inactive one ahead.
  • X ⁠— Flash. Press "Fire" to throw it, it will pop after contacting with surface.
  • C ⁠— Press ability button to place Portal, press "Fire" to send Portal ahead, anchor Portal with "Alt-Fire." Press active to teleport through the Portal.
  • Q (Ultimate) ⁠— Press "Fire" to become invisible to enemies and invulnerable.

In the leaked clip, Valorant fans can see the new Agent tear a space in reality to reach into the void and bring out a Hannya mask. Upon wearing the mask, he enters a different dimension, and this is perhaps where he becomes invisible and invulnerable.

However, it doesn’t seem like Yoru will be able to use any of his other abilities while in this state, and neither will he have access to any guns.

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