Valorant Spike Rush: Some of the expected changes coming in Patch 1.02

Valorant (Image Credits: Riot Games)

Valorant’s official launch on June 2 came with a series of new changes that were previously absent in the closed beta. From a new map and a new Agent to a whole new game mode called Spike Rush, the worldwide launch certainly came with a lot.

However, even though most of the new changes in Valorant were well-received by the fans, the new game mode was heavily criticised.

Spike Rush was not at all appreciated by the wider player base, and many even took to Reddit to rant about just how awful the mode is compared to the normal unrated games.

In a post on Reddit, a user called 'ZachAttack6089' began his rant by saying just how excited he was about the new mode when it came out. However, he revealed that the excitement quickly died down.

He wrote:

“When Spike Rush was added to Valorant, I was super excited. It was a new mode that used the same maps but with different rules and unique orbs. But the more I played it the more I got sick of it. The game mode has several issues that make me dislike it more than the standard mode. So I'm making this post to vent about what I don't like about it and suggest some solutions.”

Ever since the release of the Valorant closed beta, Riot has been keeping a close eye on all of its social media channels to gain valuable information from player feedback. After receiving the feedback, they would tweak the game accordingly.

The latest criticism that Spike Rush received has, therefore, forced them to make a few changes to the game mode:

Image credits: Gamer Tweak

Expected changes in Valorant's Spike Rush

Deception Orb (Paranoia) Change

The Deception Orb in Spike Rush was an overbearing mechanic by many standards, as it caused the players to be nearsighted while temporarily scrambling the minimap hud. It pretty much broke the mode outright, and a lot of players called out for its removal from the game.

In a Reddit post, a user called 'icaHtaD' started a discussion thread by stating that 'Paranoia ruined Spike Rush'. It would seem that Riot was closely following the thread as one of the members of the dev team replied by saying:

“Got some changes to both Paranoia and Decay coming soon. Should both be much less oppressive than they are currently.”

We don’t exactly know any of the particulars to the changes, but fans are hopeful that it will bring some much-needed balance to the mode’s gameplay.

Crippling Decay Orb Nerfs

Crippling Decay Orb in Valorant Spike Rush (Image Credits: Slick God)
Crippling Decay Orb in Valorant Spike Rush (Image Credits: Slick God)

The Crippling Decay Orb would cause the enemy's health to get reduced by 90% for about 7.5 seconds, making it one of the most overpowered mechanics in Spike Rush.

It’s outright broken, and it’s no wonder that outraged players are asking for it to either get nerfed or removed entirely from the game.

Riot will be looking to make a complete overhaul of these two Orbs and bring in a lot of changes in Valorant patch 1.02.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh