Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022: Velocity Gaming dethrones Global Esports to become South Asian legends

Indian Valorant team Velocity Gaming becomes VCC 2022 champions after defeating Global Esports (Image via Nodwin/Riot Games)
Indian Valorant team Velocity Gaming becomes VCC 2022 champions after defeating Global Esports (Image via Nodwin/Riot Games)

After months of waiting, the Valorant Conquerors Championship finally came to an end today with the Val-Classico teams meeting again for the last time.

Global Esports is quite well-known in the Indian and global communities for their exceptional show last year. This year, however, the story took a new turn as these giants were defeated yet again by Velocity Gaming.


After yesterday’s Winners Bracket Final, both teams met again in the final showdown of VCC 2022 in the best of five matchups. Unlike last year, the VCC didn’t end with Velocity Gaming losing against Global Esports, rather the team redeemed itself and took the throne for VCC 2022.

Velocity Gaming becomes Valorant Conquerors Championship winners for 2022

Both Global Esports and Velocity Gaming are exceptional Indian Valorant teams that have proved their worth in the South Asian region, not once but twice in a row. To say which team is better between the two is completely out of the question as both of them give tough fights to each other.

Like yesterday, Velocity Gaming seemed to have the upper hand as they secured their first map win on Breeze with a score of 8-13. However, Global Esports instantly nullified the overall score by winning on Split with a score of 5-13.

On Icebox, Velocity Gaming gave a tough fight to Global Esports by winning the map with a score of 7-13. However, this time around Global Esports did try to take the situation back once Velocity reached the 12 round win mark, alas that didn’t last long.

While Velocity Gaming just needed another map to win the tournament once and for all, Global Esports made sure that didn't happen. On Bind, Global Esports shifted the tides of the tournament by winning the fourth map with a score of 8-13 and making the overall score 2-2 on both flanks.

The final decider map for the tournament was Haven and the contestants continued to battle for all the glory. Both the teams seemed to be performing equally when the score was 11-11 on both sides, however, Velocity Gaming shifted their pace to end everything. After winning two rounds in a row, Velocity Gaming became the victor of the Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 without taking the game to overtime.

Both these teams will now be going for the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Split 1 tournament later on. But the fact remains that Global Esports finally got dethroned by Velocity Esports in VCC 2022.

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