What is Valorant PBE and how to sign up for it?

Valorant is introducing a test build for its players so developers can fix all the major bugs before it hits the live build of the game.

Valorant players have to deal with a lot of things, such as agent balancing and bug fixes. Some of these fixes depend on player feedback. For instance, if a patch is released with some changes, players might feel the need for tweaks. This is where Valorant’s newly introduced PBE comes in.

What is Valorant PBE?

Yesterday, along with the reveal of Episode 3 Act 1, Riot made another announcement of giving Valorant a PBE. The full form of PBE, in this case, is “Public Beta Environment.” PBEs are mainly introduced to test game builds before release.

Valorant follows the policy of releasing patch updates every two weeks. With the rise in the number of players, Riot’s main concern and top priorities are identifying bugs and fixing them. Riot Games has decided to use a test build to take feedback from players and work on it. PBE will take player feedback on Agents, weapon balance and game mechanics and implement changes before the final release.

Surprisingly, this test environment wouldn’t be available globally. Only a limited number of Valorant players in the North America region can get a chance to access this beta version. Also, the build won’t be available 24/7 for them. The PBE will be enabled one week prior to the main build release, on July 9th, 2021.

How to sign up for PBE?

PBE will only be available in North America at the moment. However, it is possible to have PBEs for other regions as well later on.

To join the PBE, players have to go to Valorant’s PBE Registration website. The only conditions needed to be fulfilled to enter the PBE are:

  • No bans or restrictions
  • The player must belong to the eligible region

There is no guarantee that everyone will get the chance to try this build. Riot also warned players to use their main account linked to PBE, so a ban on PBE means getting banned from the live game as well.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji