Yoru vs other agents in Valorant and how to counter him

Image by Riot Games
Image by Riot Games
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With the upcoming release of Agent Yoru in Valorant, possibly this month, a lot has to be kept in mind before facing this new exciting agent.

Yoru could be one of the toughest agents to master in Valorant, considering his variety of abilities. What's forgotten is that he could also be tough to play against. Yoru has a teleport ability, a flashing ability, a decoy footstep ability, and an invincible-invisible ability.

In a recent interaction between VALORANT Hub and LMNTRIX, all the abilities had been tested and much had been revealed about the latest agent of Valorant.


With these wide ranges of skill, the new duelist seems to tackle each agents' abilities very differently.

How are Yoru's abilities in general?

Yoru's abilities are strange. One cannot destroy the Fakeout (decoy steps) with guns, but it is possible with damaging abilities.

The Gatecrash (teleporting ability) can be destroyed with guns as well as enemy abilities.

During Yoru's ultimate (Dimensional Drift), only enemies near him can sight him. Other than that, nothing else can affect Yoru's ultimate except Skye.

Yoru vs Cypher

Trapwire: Yoru's Fakeout ability triggers the trapwire. The trapwire does not slowdown the steps. To not waste a trapwire over the fake footstep, place the wire a bit high. The Gatecrash and his ultimate ability do not trigger it.

Image via Valorant Hub
Image via Valorant Hub

Cyber Cage: The Fakeout ability makes the cyber cage noise when an agent enters the cage. It is difficult to distinguish between a player and the ability with this sound cue. However, Yoru's ultimate does not make any such noises.

Spycam: The spycam cannot tag the fakeout ability. Also, if an enemy Yoru is tagged with the spycam and uses the ultimate, the reveal discontinues until the ultimate ends.

Neural Theft: The neural theft is useless during Yoru's ultimate because it does not detect Yoru's presence. When an enemy cypher uses the ultimate, one can quickly go into the dimensional drift to avoid getting detected.

Yoru vs Raze

Boombot: Raze's boombot detects the fake steps of Yoru and also destroys it. However, the fake steps cannot be destroyed with a gun. If players are not sure if the steps are a decoy or real ones, just let the boombot do its work.

The boombot also detects Yoru when he's in his ultimate form but obviously cannot cause any damage.

Image via Valorant Hub
Image via Valorant Hub

Satchel: Raze's satchels can move away the decoy ability but will not affect the gatecrash.

Yoru vs Breach

Aftershock: While guns cannot destroy the decoy footsteps, Breach's aftershock can. Not only can it destroy the fakeout, it can also destroy the teleporter.

Rolling Thunder: Breach's ultimate can move fakeout and gatecrash away from their initial position. However, it cannot affect Yoru during the dimensional drift.

Yoru vs Killjoy

Turret and Alarmbot: Killjoy has an interesting connection with Yoru. The turret does detect the decoy steps and tries to shoot it, making it difficult for the killjoy. However, the turret also detects Yoru during the dimensional drift. While this does not damage Yoru, it does give the killjoy a hint about his location.

Talking about the alarmbot, it also detects Yoru during his ultimate.

Image via Valorant Hub
Image via Valorant Hub

Nanoswarm: Killjoy's molly also damages the decoy steps, which cannot be done with guns.

Yoru vs Sage

Slow Orb: Sage's slowing ability affects the decoy steps and the teleporter. It slows down both and also gives away the sound cue. However, it does not affect Yoru during his ultimate. It doesn't give away any sound, nor does it slow him down.

LMNTRIX did mention a stealthy Yoru strategy.

"So what you could do is bait out the slowing utility. Just use your ult, go in, get the info. And once the slow is out, your teammates will push and they will know exactly where everyone is."

Yoru vs Skye

Trailblazer: The only way to reveal Yoru completely from any distance during his ultimate is the Trailblazer. Skye can concuss Yoru with her Trailblazer and can also reveal him for a short span of time.

Seekers: Skye's ultimate can also follow Yoru during his ultimate and weakens his vision, a total game-changing power. This makes Skye the best agent to counter Yoru with.

Skye can heal Yoru during his ultimate.

Yoru vs enemy flashes

Yoru can be blinded by all of the enemy's flashes during his ultimate. He can even be nearsighted with Skye's ultimate. However, Yoru cannot be nearsighted with Omen's Paranoia.

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