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TNA Impact results: Big update on the TNA World Championship, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle

Omkar Sohoni
4.44K   //    14 Jan 2016, 13:31 IST
Kurt Angle on the verge of retirement?

TNA Impact delivered another solid episode this week which featured superstars such as Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway in the main event. Jeff Hardy returned to challenge Ethan Carter for the TNA World Championship.

Jeff hardy came out to congratulate Ethan Carter and said that he beat his brother Matt fair and square. Jeff Hardy handed Carter a letter which allows him to wrestle again. He challenged Ethan Carter for the title even though Tyrus was named the number one contender. Carter refused saying he had to wait like everyone else.

  • * Jeff Hardy was pitted against Shynron from the wrestling promotion Chikara. Jeff Hardy won the squash match even though Shynron got to show his moves for a while.
    • * Jeremy Borash came out to have a word with The Dollhouse. Marti praised Kong saying that he had completely reinvented their existing faction. Kong said that she wanted the Women’s Title. Kong was interrupted by The Beautiful People which broke into a street fight. A match was set up where The Dollhouse took on The Beautiful People. This was a hardcore match which The Dollhouse won after Jade delivered a package piledriver.
      • * A match was set up between Eric Young and Bobby Roode. The match was interrupted midway by Bram who enabled Eric Young to win the match and become the new King of the Mountain. Young won after planting Bobby Roode with a piledriver.
        • * The next segment was about Bennett and Maria. Bennett spoke well about EC3 but said that he wanted a shot at Carter’s championship. They promoted Mr. Anderson’s talk show which featured next. 
          • * Matt Hardy and his family appear as the first guests on the opening edition of the show ‘Huh’. He said that the piledriver delivered to him by Eric Young caused him to lose the title in the match with Ethan Carter. He said that he would go after the title and would win it before his brother Jeff Hardy. 
            • * The Wolves along with Tigre Uno won the match after DJZ kicked his partner Jessie in the head by mistake.
              • * Jeff Hardy confronted his brother Matt Hardy and spurred him on to go for the belt. After Ethan Carter appeared, Matt Hardy challenged him for a match and called him spoiled and said that it has always been easy for him. Carter trash talked Matt Hardy and said that he would fight Hardy next week in a championship match which would be a last man standing match.
                • * The main event featured Kurt Angle going on against Drew Galloway. Galloway cut a promo earlier and said that it was his dream to wrestle Kurt Angle. Angle won the match after he delivered an Angle Slam off the top rope.

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