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WWE Money In The Bank: Several Former WWE Wrestlers Comment On CM Punk's Victory

1.97K   //    19 Jul 2011, 18:55 IST

CM Punk celebrates his victory at MITB

Last night at the Money in the Bank Pay-per-view, CM Punk defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship. With his contract expiring at midnight on 17.7.2011, CM Punk took away the WWE Championship from the arena after kissing goodbye to the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon. He even foiled Alberto Del Rio‘s attempt at cashing in his money in the bank contract by attacking him and leaving the ring soon after. This sequence of events has created ripples among the wrestling fraternity who have expressed their thoughts on twitter and their blogs. Here are the exact version of their comments.

Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson:

“Congratulations to new WWE Champion CMPunk. Gonna be a helluva run for you. I hope our paths cross.”

Kevin Nash:

“MITB better than any mma ppv I’ve watched. Punk continues to gain my respect and Jay is the F**KIN man,WWE at it’s best”

Mick Foley:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous of a wrestler’s character before. Money, yes, character, no. cmpunk has changed that. Damn. Damn!

Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“CMPunk and JohnCena had a big time pro wrestling match. I loved it. And I loved the finish. Congrats to both guys. Great stuff.”
“WOW!!! What a Tremendous reception for CMPunk! That was a 10 out of 10. Hell Yeah!”

Trish Stratus:

“What’s so wrong w/ leaving the company as champion, right wweuniverse? Hehe! Great match-the ‘to be continued’ is what’s got me”

Sean Waltman:

“That was f**king unbelievable. Glad I decided on a later flight in order to see that. Hats off to both guys and to WWE for doing it right. Now I can get on my flight a happy man. Thanks CMPunk and JohnCena . Thanks to Chicago for making that so electric. Best bldg in world.”

Seth Rollins:

“We’re still a wrestling company and that was how professional wrestling is done.”

Joey Styles:

“I can’t believe this. Our WWE Champion doesn’t work for WWE and John Cena is or will be fired. OMG! Holy Crap!”

Chavo Guerrero:

“Some of u are asking me to eat my words. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Cena & Punk DELIVERED! But why should we be wondering if Cena Will show up? He is the highest paid wrestler in the industry & the backbone of the WWE… He should deliver EVERY night! No question! We Never said this about Taker or Michaels.U knew they would deliver every time they stepped foot in the ring.There was never a lazy Accusation with those 2. So what u should be saying is.. It’s about time Cena gave the fans there moneys worth! I’m very happy for Punk… If he’s resigning or not, he deserves it.Nobody has lot a fire in the WWE like that since Austin and I guarantee Cena makes 3-4 times if not More than Punk. If u make that much, u should deliver every night, no if, ands, or buts! But that’s just me, weather I was making Mysterio Quit or putting over a little person, I gave it my all every night.Not for the money but cuz I have pride in my work and I respect this biz&The fans cuz they are what matters. There’s always some1 seeing u for the first time & for the last time every night! That’s how every Wrestler should view this biz. Nit as a stepping stone to Hollywood but as way to deliver to the ppl who pay there hard earned money to Watch them every night!!! Viva La Raza mother f’rs! :) just playing.. Dint hate!”

Jim Ross [JR]:

Sunday night’s MITB PPV delivered big time. I’m watching it again tonight.
The crowd in Chicago and likely the heat in the arena helped ascend the show. The All State Arena is a magical place when the live crowd is emotionally invested and they were Sunday night.
Unlike some UFC PPV’s, I could actually hear the crowd at home and the louder that I turned up my TV the better the live event experience at home was.CM Punk and John Cena had a scintillating main event that featured over 30 minutes of classic, old school wrestling. It took me back a generation, or so it seemed, and that match alone was worth the price of the PPV. My black hat is off to both men.John Cena and CM Punk reminded me of why I have had a love affair with this genre since I was a boy.It’s a match like Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Title in a red hot city that facilitated me having some of the best years of my life sitting at ringside. All the elements came together including one of the most intriguing conclusions to a PPV that I can recall in a long, long time.

Punk is the WWE champion but what does his future hold as Punk’s contract has now expired with WWE? What will Cena’s fate be now that the Chairman has been globally embarrassed? What will the fall out be on Monday Night Raw? There’s so many more questions than answers as the build to Summer Slam begins in Green Bay Monday night.

On a funny note, CM Punk posted the following picture on his twitter account which shows the WWE Championship inside his fridge.

A Photo posted by CM Punk on his twitter account depicting the WWE Championship inside a fridge

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