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WWE's most despicable oppugners

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Ever wondered what your favourite movie, novel or even the average soap opera would be like without the proverbial ‘Bad Guys’? As everywhere else, the WWE has its own share of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And this here is a small tribute to a few infamous men of wrestling, whom the audience just loved to hate.

1. Triple H:


Triple H smashing long-time 'friend' HBK's head with a sledgehammer (SummerSlam 2002)

Here is the man who once famously said, “I will bash my own grandmother in the head with a sledgehammer, if that brought me the world heavyweight title”. And boy, he did bash a lot of people with his weapon of choice. The Cerebral Assassin would beat his long-time partners and mentors to a pulp, and you wouldn’t see the slightest hint of remorse on his face. No one could forget how he controlled the Raw roster for more than a year as leader of ‘Evolution’. Even though he is currently one of the crowd magnets, only a few have matched up to the level of anger he has created in the fans throughout his career.

2. Edge:


Edge: Hated-R Superstar

The Ultimate Opportunist, The Master Manipulator, and God knows what not. Edge has been known by a lot of names in the past. When it comes to winning championships, this guy would use every trick in the book. Hell, he had so many up his sleeve, he could write a book of his own. From chairs and briefcases to female General Managers, there is nothing Edge cannot use to rise to the top of the mountain. And that has given us quite a few moments to remember.

3. Ric Flair:

There is a reason why they call him ‘The Dirtiest Player in The Game’. Flair has been on the top of almost every wrestling fan’s hate-list. Back in the early 90s, he made the entire wrestling universe dance to his tunes with The Four Horsemen, and even taught the tricks of the trade to the celebrated villains of the future, such as Triple H and Randy Orton.


4. Vickie Guerrero:

'Excuse Me!!'

Misuse of power, anyone? During her multiple runs as SmackDown GM, Vickie managed to generate such hatred among the fans as very few people had done before her, as she became the ultimate ladder for Edge and Dolph Ziggler‘s rise to success. The only thing that matches the ecstasy of the fans at seeing her getting fired, is the anger they fell when they watch her come back for the umpteenth time.

5. John Bradshaw Layfield:

“Being a loser ain’t fun, and stayin’ that way is plain stupid“. That was JBL’s philosophy both inside and outside the ring. The Wall Street Bully would use all resources in his power (and that meant a lot) to get what he wanted, and he usually got it too, much to the dismay of the WWE Universe. The self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God‘ had the longest WWE Championship reign in SmackDown history, which cemented his legacy as one of the most loathed figures inside the squared circle.

So we salute these people, and there are a lot more of ‘em still raising hell in the ring. The next time you wish for those despicable oppugners to just leave everyone in peace, just remember that it is these men who make the show worth watching.

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