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Best and Worst of NXT TakeOver: Chicago II

Riju Dasgupta
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As always, NXT TakeOver: Chicago set a very high standard
As always, NXT TakeOver: Chicago set a very high standard

I've been a writer for SportsKeeda Wrestling for almost two years now. NXT TakeOvers are, by far, my favourite events to cover and review. This is because TakeOvers make me proud to be a wrestling fan, in an era when the product may not be as strong as it used to be. Moreover, reviewing an NXT TakeOver hardly feels like work.

Many questions loomed large heading into TakeOver. Would Lars Sullivan be able to deliver on such a grand and massive stage? How would Ciampa and Gargano be able to outdo their recent classic?

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I'm glad to say that we finally have answers to the two questions mentioned above. I'm glad to report that this TakeOver, like most other TakeOvers, was a great show.

At the same time it wasn't perfect and here is my analysis...

#1 Best: The most brutal match in recent memory?

I wonder how either man will move when they wake up tomorrow!
This was not for the faint of heart, NXT Universe

When they were a team and perhaps the most over act in the NXT Universe, would anyone have assumed that they would take each other to the limit in such a manner? Ciampa and Gargano pulverized each other in a match that made me wince on more than one occasion. There was some massive symbolism at play during the contest. It was an epic street fight.

One of the deft touches that I really loved was how Ciampa threw away Gargano's wedding ring, earning him the biggest heel reaction in the entire match. This also incited Gargano, a man who seemed to be at ease with himself into beast mode as he attacked the Sicilian Psychopath again. It really was a fight between good and evil.

I really wouldn't mind another match between the two men, somewhere down the line. Maybe two, three or even a hundred!

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