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Best And Worst Of RAW- 15th October, 2018

Riju Dasgupta
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Not the best episode of RAW, all around, this week
Not the best episode of RAW, all around, this week

I must say that I quite enjoyed last week's episode of RAW. It was a solid three hours of action packed with good storytelling, strong matches and surprises. This week just felt like a step back after the action from last week. I felt a little disappointed with the episode, honestly.

It wasn't the most memorable episode that I've seen in recent times. I felt every minute of the three hours and towards the end, was actually anxious for the show to get done, so that I could get to writing this very review. I must say that the payoff at the end was pretty good, truth be told.

However, one man's opinion does not make it a fact. If you thought of felt differently about this episode, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

I would love to hear your own take about this week's episode of RAW, folks!

#1 Best: Strowman vs. McIntyre

This is the feud we all wanted to see and didn
This is the feud we all wanted to see and didn't even know it

The real test of a match isn't how many moves you can hit during the duration of the said contest. It honestly, according to me, is what story you can tell with those moves and spots. I thought the main event this week told a fantastic story of two groups with deep internal turmoil. And that has given us a feud that we all want to see play out in coming weeks.

McIntyre and Strowman had a miscommunication during the match. Strowman took out McIntyre's tag team partner, Dolph Ziggler following the contest, for taking the pin. McIntyre did not like this and hit Strowman with a claymore kick, kickstarting their feud.

There aren't too many superstars that seem like believable opponents for Braun Strowman. To me, McIntyre certainly does size up to the Monster Among Men.

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