10 best heels in the WWE of all-time

Who are the biggest heels of the WWE?
Who are the biggest heels of the WWE?

The babyfaces might be called the face that runs the place, but the reality check suggests that it’s our hate for the heels which make us love the babyfaces.

Just remember your favourite Superstar or your favourite match. Ain’t there a hated heel burned down in your memory by the side of your beloved babyface?

Today, we take a moment to honour the legendary heels of WWE of the modern era.

#10 Chris Jericho

The glass piece went inside Michaels' eye.
The glass piece went inside Michaels' eye.

The heelish flavour of Jericho was in its prime in 2008. It was the year when Jericho smashed Shawn Michaels into the TV monitor on the highlight reel and almost led him to retire owing to an eye injury.

A couple of weeks later at the SummerSlam PPV, Jericho punched Michaels’ wife. Their intense rivalry was declared the feud of the year.

For about two decades, Jericho has been the one Superstar who trolls his rivals both in the ring and on the microphone. The list of his (un)fortunate rivals has the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H and the Rock.

One of his most controversial promos was with Stephanie McMahon when he pointed out about her enhancement surgeries (Let the “bodies” hit the floor).

#9 Edge

Assess, and then attack.
Assess, and then attack.

Edge was one of the most beloved WWE Superstar worldwide, until he became the “Ultimate Opportunist”. He became the first man to cash his “Money in the Bank” contract. But the way he cashed his contract set a new trend to prey upon momentary helpless champions.

With his endless smart and wicked tricks to get the better of his opponents, he continued to be one of the most hated heels on the roster till his retirement.

Notably, The Undertaker was once forcefully retired from the WWE due to Edge’s conspiracy along with Vickie Guerrero.

#8 Ric Flair

Ric Flair is still the same old dirty player.
Ric Flair is still the same old dirty player.

Ric Flair is called the “Dirtiest Player of the Game” for a valid reason. Even in his veteran years, he was one of the most conspiring minds in his faction with Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista (Evolution).

Triple H got countless victories due to the ringside presence of Ric Flair, where the “Nature Boy” would either distract Triple H’s opponent or snuck with a cheap shot.

Fans worldwide jeered due to his dirty tactics, but they made no difference to the “Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying”.

#7 The Undertaker

The Big Evil.
The Big Evil.

Owing to his all-inspiring presence, the Undertaker has always outshone his adversaries. Who can forget his infamous attempt at the evil black wedding with Stephanie McMahon?

In his obsession with earning respect in 2001, he became one of the rare Superstars who had laid their hands on the “Good Old JR” Jim Ross. He is the only wrestler who has thrown other wrestlers from the top of the cell and hung them by their necks.

His demonic apparel, pupil-less eyes and soul-chilling voice multi folds his evilness.

#6 Kane

Kane set Jim Ross on fire.
Kane set Jim Ross on fire.

Kane has always been one of the most feared wrestlers in WWE. He had an outrageous love for fire, and he would love to set people on fire. He burned Jim Ross alive during their interview, burned the Undertaker after their match, and almost burned Rob Van Dam backstage.

The destructiveness found new depths when he jumped from the top rope on Shawn Michaels’ neck with a steel chair clung around Michaels’ neck. This crashed Michaels’ neck and the injured wrestler reportedly swallowed a lot of blood before he was taken to the hospital.

More than his monstrous power, his demonic mind is the one which sends chills down the spines of wrestlers as well as fans.

#5 Stephanie McMahon

One thing that Stephanie would like to forget.
One thing that Stephanie would like to forget

The “Daddy’s little girl” has indeed been the “Daddy’s little devil” in the WWE. Behind her beautiful face is a calculating mind which stops at nothing in order to get what she wants.

She faked her pregnancy to convince Triple H to marry her. Years later, she used her pregnancy again to get the better of Shawn Michaels. Over the years, she has humiliated numerous Superstars in the ring with her hateful words.

She once slapped her own mother, Linda McMahon, to gain the upper hand during her rivalry with her father.

#4 Triple H

Triple H bled his icon, Ric Flair.
Triple H himself bled his idol, Ric Flair.

Triple H has been the heel for the major duration of his career. He has played the role of a hyena that always places an attack along with his pack, be it the DX, the NWO, Evolution, or the Authority.

"The Game” has been on the top of his game with a perfect cocktail of both power and strength. He knows how to get the job done, either by hook or crook.

He attacked Shawn Michaels’ repaired back with a sledgehammer, accused Kane of necrophilia, and has turned on his friends on countless times.

#3 CM Punk

The mic turned to the
The mic turned to the "pipe-bomb" in his hand.

From a favourite hero to a loathed the heel, CM Punk has done it all in his 434 days long title run. As much as he was loved as the babyface, he was more hated as the heel.

Notably, an elderly lady fan slapped him in 2010 during SmackDown event in Knoxville after she told him he was not Jesus. Such was the heights of emotion that CM Punk would stir in the fans when he played heel.

Notably, he mocked Paul Bearer after his fateful departure and used his death to get under the skin of the Undertaker ahead of their match at WrestleMania 29.

Ironically, his loudest pipe-bomb came on Colt Cabana podcast, Art of Wrestling, after Punk decided to set ashore from WWE.

#2 Vince McMahon

The Boss gets what he wants.
The Boss gets what he wants.

Who can maintain the order when the “Boss” himself decides otherwise? His narcissism along with his cut-throat ego earned him the second position in this list.

He cheated on his wife, put his daughter in the match against "The Beast” Brock Lesnar, and fought with his son and son-in-law on numerous occasions. For him, money indeed was thicker than blood.

From the announcers to Superstars, and from referees to General Managers, no one has been able to escape once this man has his wrath set on them. He even started a religion after himself, McMahonism.

One is indeed the face of the company if he gets to play Babyface against Vince McMahon.

#1 Randy Orton

Orton kissed Stephanie as her helpless (and handcuffed) husband looked other side in disgust.
Orton kissed unconscious Stephanie as her helpless (and handcuffed) husband shook his head in anger.

Orton started his career as a heel and till date is widely accepted in the same role by wrestling fans worldwide. By far, he is the only wrestler who has got ahead of McMahons in being sadistic. Hence, he is on the top on our list.

Orton punted John Cena’s father in the skull, kissed an unconscious Stephanie in front of her helpless husband, and delivered an RKO to Stacy Keibler minutes after he proposed to her.

When the curtain falls on the legendary career of the “Legend Killer”, he will be remembered more for his hideous acts than his Championships.

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