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10 Best Matches of Cody Rhodes since departing from WWE

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Cody Rhodes has been enjoying life after WWE
Cody Rhodes has been enjoying life after WWE

Ever since his departure from the WWE in 2016, Cody Rhodes' Pro Wrestling career has turned completely upside down and 'The Grandson of a Plumber' has successfully proved the fact that there is a lot more to life after WWE if wrestlers are initially not able to reach the star-studded status in the first place.

Following his firing from the WWE almost two years, Cody has gone on to become arguably the hottest performer on the Independent Circuit where he initially started out with promotions such as Evolve Wrestling, GFW, PWG (where Cody competed in the Battle of Los Angeles Tournament), and WCPW (where Cody previously held the WCPW Internet Championship).

Elsewhere, Cody's success on the mainstream global circuit has been immense as well. Shortly after his departure from the WWE, Cody successfully achieved what many wrestlers could only dream of and that is to join The Bullet Club. Billed as 'The American Nightmare', Cody's journey with The Bullet Club has been absolutely outstanding so far, given the fact that the former WWE star has performed for Impact Wrestling and is currently under contract with NJPW and ROH, as well.

Ever since stepping into Ring of Honor, Cody's career has only headed into the right direction, as the former WWE Intercontinental Champion became the first member from the Rhodes Family since Dusty Rhodes to win a World Championship, when Cody captured the ROH World Title way back in 2017.

And throughout these past two years, 'The American Nightmare' has already competed in some absolutely high-profiled singles, tag, and multi-man matches and therefore, let us now take a look at some of Cody Rhodes' best matches since his departure from the WWE.

#10 Cody vs Robbie Eagles vs Will Ospreay - NJPW Fallout Down Under, 2018

Cody vs Ospreay vs Eagles from NJPW's Australia Tour
Cody vs Ospreay vs Eagles from NJPW's Australia Tour

New Japan Pro Wrestling's tour of Australia earlier in the year, was the promotion's one of many notable highlights and during this tour, not only did the entire country of Australia get to witness several mouthwatering matches but NJPW fans, in general, were treated to some absolutely awesome showdowns.

The local talents who were on display during this tour were truly impressive and one man who had the privilege of sharing the ring with two of the worlds' very best was Aussie upstart Robbie Eagles.

Having won championships with promotions such as MCW, BMPW, and Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Eagles has been enjoying a pretty highly decorated career in Australia so far, however, getting to share the ring with then-IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay and former Ring of Honor World Champion Cody is an achievement in itself.

This three-way bout between Cody, Ospreay, and Eagles had the pace, precision, and heart-thrilling fast pace action featuring all three men. Eagles and Ospreay, in particular, were both super impressive as they took full advantage of being a Jr. Heavyweight. Meanwhile, Cody used his clever heel shenanigans to his advantage throughout the match and eventually earned the victory for himself in a very clever manner.

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