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10 Best WWE Brock Lesnar Matches

David Cullen
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The Beast has had some epic matches
The Beast has had some epic matches

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar looks to be sticking around WWE for a little while longer and the news hasn't gone down well with many.

Although the Beast has only wrestled matches with a time limit of fewer than 15 minutes in recent years, there is still the odd time that he surprises us with a really good match. Ever since he returned to WWE in 2012, Brock has given some highly excellent matches, some of the absolute best of the year and maybe even ever to the eyes of some.

Brock returned to face a variety of stars including former foes like John Cena, Big Show, The Undertaker and Goldberg, as well as having dream matches with the like of Triple H, Randy Orton and AJ Styles. As great as Brock's matches have been this time around, I look back at his first WWE run, from 2002 - 2004, as having several matches that were even better than a handful of his bouts over the last six years, and here are what I believe are the top 10 best matches in the entire WWE career of Brock Lesnar.

#10 Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock - SummerSlam 2002

Passing the torch
Passing the torch

This was a great match for a couple of reasons. The action was smooth and exciting, and what with The Rock leaving to film The Rundown, everyone knew he was leaving for several months, which left a rabid audience. Although the outcome was obvious, this was still a fantastic match.

The fans were so into this. It had every chant it could have had, from 'Rocky' to 'Rocky Sucks', 'Brocky', 'Brocky Sucks', 'Lesnar', 'Lesnar Sucks', even some 'Goldberg' chants.

We got some good brawling on the outside, a little through the crowd until back in the ring for some of those original famous Lesnar suplexes, the belly to belly. A lot of back and forth action, a couple submissions from both, and interferences from Paul Heyman. After they fought to the outside again, Rock had enough of Paul and gives him a Rock Bottom through the announcer's table.

Rock hit Lesnar with a Rock Bottom, only for Lesnar to kick out. Lesnar then hit a Rock Bottom of his own, only for Rock to kick out. The Beast Incarnate avoided an attempted People's Elbow, while Rock reversed an F-5, only to be caught a moment later with an F-5, for the win.

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