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10 Best WWE Non-WrestleMania sets of all time

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WrestleMania 25

All aspects of a professional wrestling event combine to create the spectacle that fans have to come enjoy on a weekly basis for decades. Whether it be one of the longest-running episodic shows on television or a monthly pay-per-view/”network special event”, hard work and creativity go into creating the best possible experience for fans.

During the late 90’s and early to mid-2000’s WWE traditionally created a unique set for each pay-per-view event in addition to different sets for Raw and Smackdown. The sets for these events helped provide an identity for events that are now home to some of the biggest moments and matches in WWE history.

Here are 10 of the best Non Wrestlemania sets of all time. 

#10 Survivor Series 1998

Stone Col
Stone Cold enters the Arena at Survivor Series 1998.

The Attitude Era of WWE was known for many things, blood, violence, and scantily clad women to name a few. It was not known for big extravagant Pay per View set pieces. This is exhibited in this entry on the list, but in its simplicity lies its excellence.

The 1998 edition of Survivor Series was broadcast from St. Louis, Missouri and featured the “Deadly Games” tournament for the vacant WWF(E) Championship. The title was vacant due to the ongoing feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mr McMahon, the feud also featured Kane, Undertaker, and Mankind.

The stage and entrance way featured a giant detailed skull with “deadly games” tattooed on the forehead area, and glowing red eyes, the only other décor were a few metal structures with flames coming out of the tops. The stage speaks to the importance of the tournament that would dominate the event and culminate in the Rock’s first WWF(E) Championship win as he would turn and align himself with Mr McMahon. 

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