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10 Best WWE Shawn Michaels Matches

David Cullen
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The best of all time?
The best of all time?

Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest in-ring performer in the history of not just the WWE, but professional wrestling as a whole.

He has wrestled countless match of the year calibre performances and never failed to disappoint. It has been often said that Shawn Michaels is one of those wrestlers who could carry a broomstick to a great match, and that is probably true.

Michaels had an amazing run in the 90's, and his 2002-2010 run was even better.

Shawn Michaels has now stepped out of retirement for the second time having made his in-ring return at WWE Crown Jewel, and we take a look back over the top 10 best Shawn Michaels matches of all time.

#10 Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - WrestleMania XII

One amazing hour
One amazing hour

Without a doubt one of, if not the most polarizing match in history, fans either think it is one of the greatest matches of all time or one of the most boring.

As you can tell by its entry on this list, I am certainly not the latter. I think there probably were certain points of the match that were a little slow for sure, I mean it was an hour long after all, so of course, they were going to be worn out, but I still think they kept it together throughout this epic contest.

Considering there was serious heat between both men, Michaels and Hart both worked very hard in this match to make it as fantastic as it was. It was technical, with brawls and high flying manoeuvres and having the match go into overtime only increased its heat. This match was so good, that it is a shame Michaels allegedly faked an injury to get out of losing to Hart in a rematch the following year.

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