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10 best WWE superstars of 2017

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Braun Strowman superstar of 2017
Who ruled the roost in 2017?

The stated purpose of a WWE superstar is to entertain the audience. That's why they're employed. Much of what WWE does thoroughly fails to entertain and many superstars just can't be entertaining, no matter what they do.

These ten, however, were gold. Whether it was through good booking, success despite bad booking, or their own personal qualities, they shined through. They produced the best segments, matches, and moments of the past twelve months. So...which superstars were best at their jobs in 2017?

#10 Rusev

It's a remarkable feat that Rusev ends 2017 as one of the most over guys on SmackDown, despite an entire year of terrible booking that saw him in a go-nowhere tag team with Jinder Mahal, separated from Lana, partake in one of the worst matches of the year at Battleground, and get squashed by Randy Orton in 10 seconds at SummerSlam.

Then came Rusev Day and a partnership with Aiden English. The act got surprisingly over, with the duo being the clear crowd favourites at Clash of Champions. Just this past week, Rusev was a key ingredient in making a typically terrible attempt at holiday humour genuinely entertaining. The Newark crowd was totally into it.

What does it all prove? Rusev manages to be greatly entertaining despite being saddled with a mountain of crap. Imagine what he could do if he actually got a genuine push?

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