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10 Biggest Ideas That Can Make WWE Epic For The Rest of 2018

Rimika Saini
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Epic times are ahead
Epic times are ahead

With the current product continuing to disappoint on multiple levels, WWE faces a tough task ahead to make some serious alterations from a creative standpoint and bring some excellent storylines forward.

The biggest issue surrounding the company at the moment is the lack of compelling feuds on Monday Night Raw, with extra emphasis on the Shield's future.

There's no denying that the Shield has ended up being one of the stalest acts in the entire company, and if the Lunatic Fringe doesn't turn his back on his brothers, then we might certainly head into a more disappointing 2018.

While SmackDown Live has been excellent in parts, some of their feuds still need more nourishment and involvement in order to elevate the credibility of the entire show.

So what is next for WWE? Will there be any significant alterations in the way the company operates after seeing declining viewership and ratings?

Here are the 10 biggest ideas that can make WWE epic for the rest of 2018.

#1 Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose seek redemption by destroying Seth Rollins with a shocking betrayal

Rollins must not turn heel
Rollins must not turn heel

Despite being a fantastic heel, Seth Rollins has garnered a tremendous reputation as a babyface and deserves a healthy run in the main event scene.

Considering that the company is already planning to turn Dean Ambrose heel, the creative team have failed to bring any anticipation to the scenario, with many fans finding the whole feud very 'predictable'.


Since the entire Dean Ambrose heel turn is now a matter of time, the company could finally go the distance and accept that the Big Dog needs a genuine reinvention in his character.

If history is anything to take into consideration, then it was Seth Rollins who stabbed his brothers in the back to ascend himself to the top of the mountain in the WWE.

With Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose yet to receive such acknowledgment, both the superstars can gang up on the Architect and seek redemption for what happened four years back.

This will definitely shock the entire audience and make Monday Night Raw more epic, with Seth Rollins acting as a more legitimate babyface.

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