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10 dumbest things we believed about wrestling when we were kids 

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Most fans of Professional Wrestling started out watching as kids and their love for the “sport” blossomed from there. During the formative years of growth, a child can be easily convinced to “buy” the reality quotient of a show and believe multiple aspects to be authentic.

This is true for most wrestling fans who spent their time watching RAW or other shows and being furious at the heels for cheating to win, or happy that the babyface overcame all the odds to walk out with the championship.

Over the time, fans are forced to grow up and look back at the absurdity of some of the things that they accepted as the truth in Professional Wrestling.

Here are ten of the dumbest things in wrestling that you might have believed as a child. 

#10 On-screen siblings are related by blood

Kane &
Kane & The Undertaker

The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian, Undertaker & Kane, and countless other performers have been presented to fans as family. Be as brothers or otherwise (ex. Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan), this has been a staple of professional wrestling for years. A lot of younger fans wholeheartedly bought these pairings as legitimate and argue if someone said any different.

In their eyes, Undertaker really did burn down their family home while Kane was inside, Bubba and D-Von were the half-brothers from Dudleyville, Edge and Christian were estranged brothers brought together by Gangrel, the list goes on and younger fans were none the wiser. 

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